Multi-asset solutions

We help clients seek better outcomes through a range of portfolio solutions built over more than 25 years of multi-asset innovation.

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Seeking better outcomes


Increasingly, clients are looking beyond discrete investment strategies for portfolio-level solutions that address more complex needs. For more than 25 years, our multi-asset solutions team has helped them do just that, with an approach that emphasizes tailored solutions, dynamic asset allocation, and holistic risk management on a global scale.

$136 billion in assets under management

More than 55 investment professionals across North America, Europe, and Asia

More than 25 years of multi-asset innovation

Important information

Source: Manulife Financial Corporation as of June 30, 2020, in USD, unless otherwise noted. AUM includes all asset allocation, index and liability driven investing (LDI) assets; $37.8B is invested in other Manulife IM strategies.

Tailored solutions

Our clients aren't interested in a one-size-fits-all approach. We begin with in-depth client engagement followed by a flexible portfolio development process. Over the years, this consultative approach has resulted in a broad set of innovative portfolio capabilities that today serve the diverse needs of our clients around the world.

Target date

Target risk


Model portfolios


Liability-driven investing

Liquid alternatives

Goal-based investing

More than 25 years of multi-asset innovation


  1. 1994

    Asset allocation team established

  2. 1995

    Target-risk suite launched

  3. 2000

    LDI and beta management teams established

  4. 2005

    Target date suite launched

  5. 2008

    Pension and fiduciary management team established, alternative asset allocation strategy launched

  6. 2009

    Preservation glide path for target-date suite introduced

  7. 2011

    Model portfolio business established, Dynamic Target Income absolute return strategy launched in the United States and Canada

  8. 2012

    Opportunistic sector rotation, dynamic asset allocation, pension de-risking strategies established

  9. 2014

    Income allocation strategy launched

  10. 2015

    OCIO business established first custom glide path funded, absolute return strategies extended to UCITs platform Manulife real asset strategy launched

  11. 2016

    Derivative overlay services added

Active asset allocation

We believe pursuing our clients' goals is fundamentally an active endeavor. Our approach to portfolio construction and management begins with proprietary asset class forecasting and leverages an open-architecture platform that spans active and passive strategies in public and private markets. The goal is to achieve more effective diversification while maximizing opportunities to generate alpha.

Asset class forecasting

At the foundation of our approach is a strategic asset allocation view built from the five-year forecasts of 140 asset categories, the result of analyzing long-term macro drivers and asset class fundamentals such as valuations, dividends, and earnings. 

Open-architecture platform

We implement our intended exposures through a combination of active and passive underlying strategies, and with an open-architecture platform that enables us to leverage best-in-class managers across all potential asset categories.

Effective diversification

Our access to deep expertise across public and private markets enables us to implement an uncommon level of diversification while pursuing dynamic asset allocation opportunities across the world.

Holistic risk management

Risk management is a critical element to every strategy managed by the team, monitored not only after the inception of each solution, but also controlled for during the portfolio construction process itself. Risk is assessed at the asset and portfolio levels, and in the context of meeting clients' objectives. Risk management extends to oversight by our independent risk and quantitative analytics team, which assesses risk firmwide.

Three levels of risk management in every strategy


Portfolio construction is focused on building an asset mix within the parameters of the investment universe expected by clients. The process includes asset-class volatilty forecasts, helping to identify an efficient frontier that produces the greatest likelihood of reaching the desired outcome.


The team continually analyzes position sizes, factor risks, performance attribution, tail risk during glide path modeling, and other metrics to ensure no unintended risks are being taken within each strategy. Monthly and quarterly, team and senior management meetings are designed to review, monitor, and challenge exposures. 


Portfolio risk management is supplemented by our independent risk and quantitative analytics team—which partners with investment teams to measure behavioral biases and other risks but reports to senior investment management—and an operational risk management function that assesses risk across the complex.

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