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Our clients around the world depend on us to help generate income and preserve wealth. We take that responsibility to heart, offering diverse strategies built on autonomous teams, strong centralized resources, and a heritage of risk management.

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A philosophy built on our

heritage of risk management


For more than a century, Manulife has been helping clients around the world protect and preserve their assets. That heritage of uncompromising risk management is at the core of what Manulife Investment Management’s fixed-income team can offer clients today.


  1. 1862

    John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company founded.

  2. 1887

    The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company founded.

  3. 1973

    Core fixed-income capability launched

  4. 1986

    Global multi-sector bond capability launched

  5. 2004

    Manulife acquires John Hancock, forming a global financial services powerhouse.

  6. 2011

    Manulife Investment Management becomes one of the first companies to enter the Chinese fixed-income market

  7. 2013

    Emerging-market debt capability launched

  8. 2014

    Named one of the Most Astute Investors in Asian Local Currency Bonds for 8th year in a row

  9. 2015

    Fixed income AUM crosses the US$100B mark

Our globally integrated platform leverages local expertise

The 100+ investment professionals that make up the global fixed-income team don’t just strive to deliver exceptional results; the team works around the clock to help elevate our entire range of capabilities.


A global footprint

152 investment professionals in 15 locations
10 teams around the globe
Managing $195 billion in fixed-income assets for clients worldwide

Source: Manulife Investment Management, as of March 31, 2021. Manulife Investment Management’s global investment professional team includes expertise from several Manulife IM affiliates and joint ventures; not all entities represent all asset classes. Note: Manulife Asset Management Thailand is no longer part of the Manulife group of companies as of March 31, 2021.


Source: Manulife Investment Management as of 3/31/21 in USD, unless otherwise noted. AUM includes money market, index bonds and absolute return rates assets and excludes liability driven investing (LDI) assets; includes certain equity and fixed income portions of balanced investments. The methodologies used to compile the total assets under management are subject to change.

Strong centralized resources power our research-driven process

Each of our autonomous capabilities leverages the same global platform of robust shared resources, from macroeconomic and risk analysis to credit research and trading. Having a solid base allows our portfolio managers to focus on what they do best: actively pursuing investment opportunities in their areas of expertise.

For illustrative purposes only.

Multidimensional security analysis helps us better identify investment opportunities

Rather than focusing on narrowly defined segments of the credit markets, our research team analyzes securities across multiple dimensions. We believe taking that kind of broader, cross-sectional view allows for a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with both individual issuers and the markets overall.

  • Capital structure

    • Floating-rate loans and securitized assets
    • Senior and subordinated bonds
    • Convertibles and preferred equity
    • Common equity
    • Rights and warrants
  • Quality

    • Government debt
    • Investment grade
    • High yield
    • Distressed/not rated
    • Hybrid/equity
  • Geography

    • Developed and emerging markets
    • U.S./non-U.S.
    • Asia
    • Latin America
    • EMEA
For illustrative purposes only. Not an offer to buy, sell, or hold specific securities. 

A range of fixed-income solutions

We offer clients a broad range of single- and multi-sector strategies focused on both regional and global opportunities.

Looking for an active global bond mandate? See what made our strategic fixed income strategy Pension Bridge's 2020 active global fixed-income strategy of the year.

Important information

For complete award information, criteria and methodology, please click here.

The CAD version of the strategy, which is managed by the same team, did not receive the Pension Bridge award. Please let us know if you would like further information.

Strategic Fixed Income

  • Daniel S. Janis III
    Daniel S. Janis III, Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income
  • Thomas C. Goggins
    Thomas C. Goggins, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income
  • Kisoo Park
    Kisoo Park, Portfolio Manager, Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income
  • Christopher M. Chapman, CFA
    Christopher M. Chapman, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income

The strategy seeks to generate competitive, consistent, risk-adjusted performance by investing across global fixed-income markets while adding value primarily through sector rotation, security selection, and opportunistic currency investments. The team believes in a fundamental, risk-managed investment process that seeks out the best opportunities on a global basis while controlling interest-rate, credit, currency, and liquidity risk.

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