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Our clients rely on our long-standing private market expertise to capitalize on inefficient markets, add diversification potential, and seek attractive risk-adjusted returns across a range of strategies.

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Leading capabilities


For decades, we've employed private market strategies to enhance portfolio diversification and pursue attractive risk-adjusted returns. Today, we offer our institutional and high-net-worth clients access to leading capabilities across a range of private asset classes. At the same time, our size and position in the marketplace afford access to a broad investment platform and market insight that are essential for success.

  • Private equity and credit

    Senior and junior private credit, fund investing and equity co-investments focused on the North America and Asia middle markets


    $9.8 billion in AUM¹
    20+ years of experience

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  • Real estate equity

    Fully integrated investment platform in core, core-plus, and value-add office, industrial, multifamily and retail assets in the United States, Canada, and Asia


    $18.1 billion in AUM
    95+ years of experience

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  • Timber

    Fully integrated, global, sustainable timber investment solutions across a variety of tree species, age classes, and geographies


    $10.4 billion in AUM²
    35+ years of experience

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  • Infrastructure equity

    Equity investments in core and core-plus infrastructure assets focusing on the United States, Canada, and Europe


    $9.9 billion in AUM³
    35+ year
    s of experience⁴

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  • Real estate debt

    Commercial mortgage loans across office, industrial, multifamily and specialty property types in the United States and Canada


    $26.7 billion in AUM⁵
    70+ years of experience

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  • Agriculture

    Customized, vertically integrated, sustainable agricultural investment solutions across a variety of commodity types and geographies 


    $3.8 billion in AUM⁶
    30+ years of experience

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All AUM calculated on a fair value basis in U.S. dollars (USD); AUM and years of experience as of December 31, 2020. Data includes assets managed by Manulife Investment Management and its affiliates on behalf of Manulife's Canadian and U.S. General Accounts, and also certain third-party investors. Investment advisory services to third party investors and certain affiliated investors are offered by Manulife Investment Management Private Markets (US) LLC ("Manulife IM PM (US)"). Of the AUM figures shown for Manulife IM PM (US) entities, the private equity and credit team manages $3.5B in AUM on a discretionary basis; the real estate equity team manages $0.6B in AUM on a discretionary basis; the real estate debt team manages $1.9B in AUM on a discretionary basis; and the infrastructure team manages $2.6B in AUM on a discretionary basis. 


1 Represents assets of North American corporate finance and the private equity and credit group, and can include committed capital. 2 Represents assets of Hancock Timber Resource Group, an operating division of Hancock Natural Resource Group, managed on a discretionary and nondiscretionary basis for the general account, its affiliates, and third-party clients. 3 Represents assets of North American corporate finance and Manulife Capital. This Q4 AUM figure is provisional and contingent on auditor review. 4 Experience of North American corporate finance. 5 Represents assets including both loans under management and loans serviced, but excludes Manulife Bank residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, and agriculture, managed on a discretionary and nondiscretionary basis for the general account, its affiliates, and third-party clients. 6 Represents assets of Hancock Agricultural Investment Group, an operating division of Hancock Natural Resource Group, managed on a discretionary and nondiscretionary basis for the general account, its affiliates, and third-party clients.

A long-term, risk-conscious approach

Across our private market strategies is a long-term focus, a risk-conscious investment philosophy, in-house sector expertise, and strong internal governance. Our private market business units are supported by board governance and investment committees with independent legal, compliance, and risk teams that hold deep asset management expertise.

A commitment to sustainability

Responsible stewardship of our clients' capital is integral to our business and culture, and we seek to be a global leader in creating long-term value for our stakeholders. The incorporation of ESG considerations starts with the integration of ESG factors into our investment analysis and due diligence process. In segments where we own and operate assets, we hold ourselves to a high standard of stewardship and sustainability. We do this to both protect and grow the value of those assets and for the benefit of the communities they touch. Where we don't directly own assets, we're committed to intensive due diligence and engagement with our partners and asset owners.

  • We manage 5.6 million acres of timberland, of which 100% is third-party certified and has protected over 470,000 acres of sensitive lands.¹ 

  • We've helped pioneer the Sustainable Agriculture Program (SAP) standard, a third-party certification system that provides performance-based assurance of farming practices. 

  • Our infrastructure team has invested approximately $9.3 billion in the renewables space.²

  • Nearly 50 million square feet—80% of our real estate equity portfolio—is certified to a green building standard, such as LEED, ENERGY STAR or BOMA BEST.²

Figures include discretionary and non-discretionary assets managed on behalf of the general account, its affiliates, and third-party clients. 1 Information is as of October 31, 2019. 2  Information is as of December 31, 2018.

  • Timber and agriculture sustainability report

    As a steward of agricultural and forest holdings, we're committed to conducting all of our business activities in a manner that recognizes the need to preserve and enhance the quality of our environment and local communities, empower our people, and provide market rate returns for our clients. Simply put, adopting sustainable and responsible investing practices is who we are and how we do business.

    Read our sustainability report for timber and agriculture
  • Timber and agriculture climate disclosure

    We take climate change seriously. We have a moral responsibility to mitigate it, a business imperative to adapt to it, and a unique opportunity to address it. In this document, we consider what climate change means, as well as our role in assessing and managing climate-related impacts, risks, and opportunities.

    Read our 2020 timber and agriculture climate report
  • Real estate sustainability report

    Our approach to sustainability in real estate is based on responsible property investment that aligns with global standards. This means we incorporate ESG considerations into all our investment management and operational practices across the real estate value chain, from asset acquisition through property management and leasing.

    Read our real estate sustainability report

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