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Is your portfolio built to last?

This year, investors have faced historic levels of uncertainty as the global pandemic pushed markets into unchartered territory. Asset prices are either too expensive or reasonably priced depending on which economic trajectory you follow, and policy intervention has muddied the process of price discovery. Pensions and other institutional investors are looking for strategies and partners that can outlast today's market dynamics, provide reliable sources of income, hedge risk, and generate alpha.

Strategies for building more resilient portfolios

Institutional investors are looking for strategies and partners that can outlast today's market dynamics, provide reliable sources of income, hedge risk, and generate alpha. Our Head of Canadian Distribution offers four for consideration. 

Outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO)

Today's markets have pushed more organizations to sharpen the focus on their core competencies. Many are starting to question the cost-effectiveness of maintaining large in-house investment departments, and many firms are seeking the help of outside expertise. We offer the full suite of OCIO capabilities, with access to liability-driven investing, risk management, and a range of public and private market strategies.

OCIOs offer resilient solutions for endowments under siege

Endowments must now contend with a confluence of constraints stemming from a global health pandemic. The good news is they don’t have to go it alone. Learn why.

ESG integration

Any discussion of risk management today includes an assessment of ESG risks. Our approach combines a macro perspective on ESG risks, opportunities, and imperatives with the depth of local market expertise. As both an asset manager and owner/operator, we have a unique perspective on navigating sustainability's systemic challenges and opportunities. These facets of our identity help us develop and synthesize innovative global frameworks for sustainability analysis and integration.

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ESG portfolio resilience to social dislocations

Are sustainable approaches better equipped to handle systemic social risks? We discuss a series of social factors—health and safety, labor relations, and respect for the community—that have become increasingly material in recent months while spurring investor interest in sustainable investing.

Private markets strategies

Private asset strategies provide the potential to capitalize on inefficient markets, add diversification potential, and seek attractive risk-adjusted returns. We offer our institutional and high-net-worth clients access to leading capabilities across a range of private asset classes that build on decades of experience. At the same time, our size and position in the marketplace afford access to a broad investment platform and market insight that are essential for success.

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Real assets can offer an income alternative to low bond yields

Low bond yields got you down? Learn more about the pivotal role private real assets can play in creating a robust investment income stream that’s built to last. 

Liability-driven investing 

The development of liability-matching strategies is a core capability at Manulife Investment Management that leverages our insurance heritage. With extensive actuarial, investment, and risk management experience, our liability-driven investing team specializes in structuring custom investment solutions to help hedge liabilities for pension plans, health and welfare plans, life insurance companies, and endowments/foundations.

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Resources and insight

Pandemic-related insight

Find out how the COVID-19 outbreak has changed our views on different asset classes and the global economy.

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Webcasts with our experts 

Hear the views of our senior investment professionals on their outlook, risk management approach, and where they see opportunity now.

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Guide to navigating the crisis  

Learn about our road map for small and large plans.

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DB Partners

Learn how partnering with us through our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer OCIO program provides access to expert advice, resilient solutions, and world class portfolio management.

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Our latest white paper - OCIOs offer resilient solutions for endowments under siege by Eric Menzer, our Global Head of OCIO and Fiduciary Solutions, outlines three potential ways to balance preservation, income, and growth goals.

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