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Brent Keefer


Brent Keefer


Global Head of Timberland Investments, Hancock Natural Resource Group

Career Start Date


Brent leads the Hancock Timber Resource Group (HTRG) timberland investment business for Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG). He is responsible for growth of the investment platform, focusing on development and execution of business strategies, investment strategies, and leading the investment process, including acquisitions, dispositions, and underwriting. Brent is a member of the HNRG executive committee and also serves as director on HTRG investment entity governance boards and committees. Prior to joining the firm 1998, he worked for Rayonier for 10 years in the U.S. Southeast, managing forest resource information and planning systems.

  • Education: B.S. in Forest Resource Management, Virginia Tech University; M.S. in Forest Biometrics, GIS, and Remote Sensing, Virginia Tech University
  • Joined the company: 1998​
  • Began career: 1988​