Alpha-focused equity

We are active investors who place our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to helping clients achieve their long-term objectives by providing them with customizable, differentiated strategies.

  • Focused teams

    Each of our autonomous teams is empowered to design and implement its own structure and investment processes, helping to ensure a high degree of accountability and ownership.

  • A culture of collaboration

    While our investment teams operate as individual alpha-seeking engines, formal and informal collaboration across teams is encouraged to help ensure our clients have access to the best insight across our global organization.

  • Power of a global leader

    Our global scale means we’re able to provide meaningful support for our investment teams in critical areas such as trading, risk management, corporate access, ESG resources, and investment oversight. 

A global footprint

151 investment professionals in 15 locations
10 teams around the globe
Managing $111.3 billion in equity assets for clients worldwide

Source: Manulife Investment Management, as of March 31, 2022. Manulife Investment Management’s global investment professional team includes expertise from several Manulife IM affiliates and joint ventures; not all entities represent all asset classes.

Source: Manulife Investment Management as of March 31, 2022, in USD, unless otherwise noted. AUM includes certain equity and fixed income portions of balanced investments.  The methodologies used to compile the total AUM are subject to change.

A philosophy rooted in the pursuit of alpha

Our clients rely on us to deliver performance alpha consistent with their specific objectives, taking into account both the level of return and the amount and type of risk taken to achieve it. In our experience, the best way to deliver true alpha is through fundamental, bottom-up research and disciplined portfolio construction, leveraging the skills of our highly experienced investment teams.

  • A focus on long-term, risk-adjusted returns  

    Our teams understand the importance of pursuing outcomes with superior risk/return characteristics. This focus is embedded in each step of the investment process.  

  • High-conviction, risk-aware portfolios

    Our focus on proprietary, security-level research allows us to build high-conviction, differentiated portfolios. Our risk management processes provide valuable insight to help our teams understand potential outcomes.

  • Specialized experience

    Our equity teams are led by industry veterans—many with decades of experience managing their respective strategies—who work tirelessly to implement investment processes that can endure through changing markets.

Research driven

In an environment defined by uncertainty, the role that independent, bottom-up research and analysis plays in the investment process becomes ever more critical. Our structure fosters a research environment characterized by focused investment teams and embedded analysts with the ability to take advantage of our global reach.

  • Proprietary research

    Original research is the cornerstone of effective investment processes. We pride ourselves on conducting bottom-up, independent research to generate unique company insight.

  • Global connectivity

    We’re proud of our collaborative culture. It’s evident in the way we share our work across investment teams and asset classes—from formal collaboration to informal engagements, our research efforts are truly global. We harness all of our intellectual capital for the benefit of our clients.

  • Engaged debate

    Our culture actively promotes a diversity of views. Open exchanges of ideas enables our teams to refine their investment theses and bring us closer to identifying the best investment ideas.

Multidimensional risk management

Prudent risk management is at the heart of everything we do. It starts with clearly defined and transparently communicated investment processes, includes formal ESG analysis with the support of dedicated specialists, and continues with ongoing multiple levels of portfolio and operational oversight. The goal is for our portfolio teams to take risk in alignment with client expectations.

  • Clear investment processes

    Our transparent investment processes detail how each investment team identifies and implements investment opportunities and the risk/return profile to be expected. We believe that strict adherence to these guidelines is one of the most effective forms of risk management.

  • ESG integration

    As a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) initiative, we're committed to investing responsibly and supported by a global team of dedicated ESG specialists whose recommendations help shape the investment process.

  • Robust oversight

    Portfolio risk management is supplemented by our independent risk and quantitative analytics team—which partners with investment teams to measure behavioral biases and other risks but reports to senior investment management—and an operational risk management function that assesses risk across the complex. 

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