Your guide to the new Manulife digital experience

The wait is over: The new Advisor Portal secure site is here!

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve your digital experiences with Manulife, we're thrilled to launch our new Advisor Portal secure site – live now!

The Advisor Portal secure site is your new logged-in experience for your insurance, bank, group benefits and group retirement services’ business. For now, you can continue to use Repsource for your Manulife Investment Management business.

We used your feedback to design a site that makes it easier to do business with us and protects your information with more security features. The best part? No more password resets ever again!

This launch provides a foundation for an improved and more secure login experience. We’re introducing the Advisor Manulife ID: a new single set of credentials that will eventually log you into all your Manulife tools and sites.

In the short term, you may need to interact with two sites and logins to access certain tools and information.

We’ve outlined important information and have a line-up of resources to help you with the transition.

  • A new Advisor Manulife ID

    You’ll be asked to set up a new Advisor Manulife ID.

  • Register for Advisor Portal

    Register for the new Advisor Portal secure site.

  • The following applications will be linked to Advisor Portal.

    You’ll also use your new Advisor Manulife ID to access select shared applications:

    • FasatWeb
    • MyClients
    • CE Centre.

    You’ll still see links to these tools on Repsource, but you’ll need to sign in with your Advisor Manulife ID to access them.

    If you access them from the Advisor Portal secure site, the tools will launch seamlessly using single sign-on.

  • Looking for investment content?

    Until the spring, when the investments site launches, you’ll continue logging in to Repsource to access investments tools and resources.

Where to find what: Advisor Portal vs. Repsource


Advisor Portal


How do I log in

Use your new Advisor Manulife ID

Use your existing Repsource credentials

Which product types are included?

  • Bank
  • Insurance
  • Group Benefits
  • Group Retirement Services
  • Health & Dental
  • Travel
  • Investments

What content and tools are available?

Administration, compliance and training information, as well as tools like:

  • BankLink
  • FasatWeb
  • MyClients
  • CE Centre
  • Diamond View
  • Web Illustrations
  • E-Application
  • InsureRight
  • Rates to go
  • Individual H&D quote and apply
  • Lifecheque Basic quote and apply
  • Travel quote and apply
  • Online Transactions (for Insurance only)
  • Sell Health Plans
  • eForms

NOTE: BankLink users will be prompted to enter their Repsource credentials.

Administration, compliance and training information, as well as tools like:

  • Statements, Confirms & Tax Slips
  • SL Statements, Confirms & Tax Slips
  • RESP Calculator
  • Estate Cost Comparison
  • My Mutual Fund Book
  • My Segregated Fund Book
  • Online Transactions
  • Retirement Savings Calculator
  • Star performers

NOTE: All users will be prompted to login with their Manulife Advisor ID when accessing the CE Centre, FasatWeb & MyClients from Repsource.

Continue using your existing credentials to log in to Repsource, BankLink, the Group Benefits plan site and the Group Retirement Services sites for now, if applicable. You can access most of these sites from our newly expanded sign-in menu ( > Sign in). Expect to hear more as we continue roll out the Advisor Manulife ID technology for all sites.

When you access the Advisor Portal secure site for the first time from the sign-in menu, you’ll complete a quick, one-time registration. As part of the registration process, you’ll set up your Advisor Manulife ID.

Advisor Manulife ID

The Advisor Manulife ID is a new, secure, online ID (username and password), for advisors, marketing assistants and back office staff. It adds an extra layer of security to keep your information safe and will eventually serve as your single login for all your Manulife sites and applications –simplifying your online experience. The best part? Once you set it up, you’ll never have to change your password again.

Your Repsource credentials won’t change.

Your data privacy and security are our top priority. To align with the increased security that the Manulife ID provides, we’ve also reduced the Advisor Portal timeout time to 15 minutes of inactivity within the site. After 15 minutes, you’ll need to re-enter your Advisor Manulife ID credentials.

While we know this is a big change to what you’re used to, it’s critical to ensuring the utmost protection to your information and client data and brings us up to standard with most other secure sites that use private information.

Setting up your Advisor Manulife ID if you have an existing Repsource profile

Before you get started, please note that Internet Explorer is not a supported browser as it will be decommissioned by Microsoft in March.

If you have an existing Repsource profile, you’ll need to know the username and email address associated with your Repsource account. We recommend using your Repsource username to set up your Advisor Manulife ID for convenience, so long as it hasn’t already been taken.

To ensure your profile preferences, delegate access and bookmarks move to the new site, you’ll need to use the same email address associated with your Repsource account.

Please note: each profile must have a unique email address that is only assigned to one user.

Where to find your existing Repsource information

To find the username or email address associated with your Repsource profile, see below.

Repsource username

Contact or call 1-800-667-4266.

Email associated with your Repsource account

Go to > Sign in. Click the ‘Profile’ button in the top right of the homepage. Click ‘update profile’ to view your information.

Setting up your Advisor Manulife ID if you don’t have a Repsource profile

Before you get started, please note that Internet Explorer is not a supported browser as it will be decommissioned by Microsoft in March.

If you don’t have an existing Repsource profile, choose any username and password that fits the criteria. We’ll also ask for a company email address and mobile number (optional) for 2-step verification. If you’re an advisor, we’ll need your selling code to authenticate your identity.

When you’re done setting up your Advisor Manulife ID, we’ll send you an email to verify your email address. The link in the email will be live for 15 minutes –act right away to continue your registration.

Need help setting up your Advisor Manulife ID?

Check out our video about the registration process on our support centre for help.

Complete your Advisor Portal registration

After you set up your Advisor Manulife ID and verified your email address, complete your registration in the screens that follow. This process will help us connect your Repsource profile preferences and bookmarks with your new Advisor Portal profile. We’ll confirm your registration by email within 24 hours.


  • Advisors must register before their marketing assistant(s) (MA). If an MA registers before their advisor, their access to the site won’t be grated until the advisor registers.
  • Any secure inbox messages and new business notifications received prior to when the new site launches will remain in your Repsource secure inbox for the usual retention period. After launch, all new messages will appear in your Advisor Portal secure inbox. New business notifications delivered before launch can only be replied to from Repsource. To send new messages and reply to all other messages, use the Advisor Portal secure inbox.
  • If you’ve saved external Repsource bookmark or favourites (e.g. on Internet explorer), they may no longer direct you to the content. We recommend searching for the content again and saving as a bookmark within Advisor Portal.

Need help with registration?

Check out our video about the registration process at our support centre for help.

New features you’ll love

We’ve enhanced your user experience from top to bottom. Here are some key features that will make doing business easier.




You’ll recognize the same intuitive navigation as the public site. Your bookmarks, tools and illustrations, forms and marketing materials are front and centre. We’ve streamlined content and the site layout so it’s easier to find what you need.

We’ve made it easy to access your Manulife Investment Management and Manulife Securities information on Repsource with an Investments link in the main navigation.

Learn more: Navigating Advisor Portal


No more favourites –all your saved forms and pages will now be bookmarks. Create and search bookmark folders with ease.

Mobile-friendly & browser compatibility

Your site experience is seamless on all browsers* –on your computer, tablet or phone.

*Internet Explorer is not a supported browser as it will be decommissioned by Microsoft in March 2021.

Learn more: Navigating the secure inbox / Reviewing your secure inbox notifications

Secure inbox

Your new streamlined and consolidated inbox offers many new and familiar features:

  • Customize your view to how you work: new business, inforce and other.
  • Capture back and forth message history in one thread.
  • We’ve added clear labels for sorting and filtering
  • You can now select multiple emails at once to download in bulk –including attachments!

Your inbox launches in a separate browser, enabling you to monitor your messages while multi-tasking in Advisor Portal.

Utility bar

Quickly access your secure inbox messages, search bar or preferences from the utility bar at the top of every page.


Enjoy more a responsive and predictive search functionality that you can access from multiple locations for your convenience.

My Business tab

This tab contains all information specific to you – your contracting and compensation, conferences and recognition and your resource panel.

Administration tab

This tab mimics Repsource navigation to make it easier for you to find information. Jump to key secure information like new business and underwriting, policy services, compliance and tracking your business.


Located in the profile menu, you can update your contact information, notification preferences and add or change who can access your information in a few easy steps.

On the “Access to information” we’ve made it easy to quickly see who has access to your client and compensation details.


We’ve added a preview of the newsroom on the homepage for quick news at-a-glance.

Expanded sign-in menu

Access all your Manulife sites quickly and conveniently from our expanded sign-in menu.

We’re here for you

If you have questions about registering for Advisor Portal or setting up your Advisor Manulife ID:

We have created a dedicated Advisor Portal Support Centre  as your one-stop location for FAQs, training resources and contact information for when you need more help.

For general information about the new site, please contact us as usual.