Manulife Global Thematic Opportunities Fund

Megatrends are converted to investable themes and packaged together in a single solution

The distillation of Pictet Asset Management’s (Pictet AM) entire thematic expertise is embodied in the Manulife Global Thematic Opportunities Fund, which is a best ideas global equity strategy that leverages expertise from across their specialized thematic teams.

The Fund is relatively concentrated and is not constrained to a benchmark, which typically results in high active share. Importantly, the Fund is built bottom-up with no top-down allocation between the different single themes, although the Fund has access to all of them.

The investment managers are very structured about choosing the best stocks, with significant focus on ensuring the stocks selected from across the various single-theme teams are compared consistently. There is also a level of human judgement in the final stock selection process helping to put forth the teams’ very best convictions.

Reason to invest

  1. Invest in the Future
  2. Invest in a Bigger Picture
  3. Benefit from a New Perspective on Global Equities
  4. Access to a Broader Investment Opportunity Set
  5. A Versatile Solution
  6. Powered by the Pioneers of Thematic Investing
  7. A Proprietary Process Developed and Refined Over 20 years

The Thematic Equities Difference

  • Megatrends. Large, social, economic, political, environmental or technological changes representing seismic shifts are targeted for their long-term investment opportunities.
  • Pioneers in thematic investing. For over 20 years Pictet AM has been researching, developing and investing in global thematic opportunities.
  • High-conviction fund that doesn’t look like the benchmark. An unconstrained, actively managed and focused approach adds diversification within a global equity allocation through a universe beyond standard global indices.

Meet the managers behind the fund

Hans Peter Portner

Head & Senior Investment Manager
Thematic Equities Team
Joined Pictet AM in 1997

Gertjan Van Der Geer

Senior Investment Manager
Thematic Equities Team
Joined Pictet AM in 2008

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