Beta management team

Based in Toronto, ON, the Manulife beta management desk has been applying their significant depth of experience within a highly disciplined and efficient investment process for over 20 years*.

The Beta team difference

Recognized expertise—Since 2000, equity index mandates won by the team have grown significantly. And with that, assets under management (AUM) growth has been equally significant at 27.9% CAGR over 19 years.1

Comprehensive capabilities—six investment professionals with over 90 years* of combined experience, that create investor-centric solutions that fit into four styles of asset management:

  • Factor and rules-based approach
  • Full index replication
  • Fully synthetic portfolio creation
  • Stratified sampling for large indices

Get to know the team

Operating efficiently and maintaining a disciplined and repeatable process is at the core of what the team does. Here are the investment professionals behind the process.*

Brett Hryb, CFA

Senior managing director and senior portfolio manager
Investing since 1993

Ashikhusein Shahpurwala, MSc. (Eng). CFA, PRM

Managing director and senior portfolio manager
Investing since 1999

Boncana Maiga, CFA, CIM

Portfolio manager
Investing since 2004

Investment process

The team’s experience is evident across multiple equity index mandates – 14 across four different types of strategies – and truly comes to life through disciplined process, honed over 20 years. 

The team manages the Dividend ETFs through an investment process that includes a quality dividend screen and an optimization of those dividend stocks. The result is an efficient and scalable ETF.

The first step in the process is Quality Dividend Screen; which is a systematic screening of a universe of stocks to find quality dividend paying companies. The second step is optimization; which is understanding the characteristics of the companies and selecting the most desirable stocks. The result is a smart dividend ETF; an efficient execution to minimize tax and trading costs.
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What makes it efficient and scalable? A rigorous cash management program and a tracking error monitoring system with targets well-inside of each ETF’s performance threshold.

What makes the smart dividend ETF efficient and scalable is the rigorous cash management program and a tracking error monitoring system.
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Hedged ticker

Unhedged ticker

Fund name

Morningstar category

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Manulife Smart Dividend ETF

Canadian dividend and income equity Core Canadian equity holding/ income



Manulife Smart U.S. Dividend ETF

U.S. equity Core U.S. equity holding/ income

* September 30, 2020.

1 Source: Manulife Investment Management as of September 30, 2020.

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