Manulife Ideal Signature Select™

Whether investors are focused on growth, approaching retirement, or already retired, this product offers a financial solution.

What is Manulife Ideal Signature Select?

Manulife Ideal Signature Select can help you build robust, customized, and easy-to-understand financial plans. It offers choices in guarantees and in funds, as well as value-added features, such as the payout benefit guarantee on registered retirement income plans.

Features and benefits


Ideal 75/100 Series

  • Ideal to build savings and protect an estate for loved ones
  • Guarantees 75% of the premiums at maturity/payout1 and 100% at death (75% if the annuitant is 80 years of age or older at the time of the first premium payment into the series)


Ideal 75/75 Series

  • Ideal if you want to diversify your portfolio. Pure equity mandates are available in this series
  • Guarantees 75% of premiums maturity/payout1 and at death, and includes the same segregated fund contract benefits as the other series


Ideal 100/100 Series

  • Ideal for those looking for capital and estate protection, our highest level of guarantees
  • Guarantees 100% of the premiums paid at maturity/payout¹ and at death (75% if the annuitant is 80 years of age or older at time of first premium payment into the series)

All our guarantee options are available in registered and nonregistered savings plans, tax-free savings accounts, and registered retirement income plans, and they’re all designed to offer you growth potential along with protection features.

1 The guarantee is payable on the condition that the series has been in force for at least 10 years (for Ideal 75/100 Series) or 15 years (for Ideal 100/100 Series) from the date of the first premium payment, or if resets have occurred, from the last reset date. Resets are not applicable to Ideal 75/75 Series. For the Ideal 100/100 Series, additional premiums that have been in the series for less than 15 years are guaranteed at 75%. The guarantee for the Ideal 75/75 Series will be payable on the condition that the series has been in force for at least 10 years at the series maturity date. The series maturity date for Ideal 75/75 Series for nonregistered savings plans and TFSAs is December 31 of the year the annuitant turns age 100. For registered savings plans, it will be December 31 of the year in which the annuitant reaches the legislative age limit for maturing registered savings plans.

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