Manulife PensionBuilder®

Manulife PensionBuilder is a straightforward, low-risk,¹ secure income solution designed to provide dependable retirement income that’s guaranteed for life.

Manulife PensionBuilder combines key features and benefits to support retirement plans and provide guaranteed income

Flexibility²—Investors can choose when to start drawing income and may benefit from higher deposit income rates (income rates) at older ages. They can also choose to make one lump-sum deposit, ongoing deposits over a period of time, or a combination of both. For future deposits, there may be the opportunity to take advantage of potentially rising income rates, all within one contract.

Dependable income guaranteed for life—Once investors begin drawing income, they’ll know the exact amount of retirement income that’s available to them each year for the rest of their lives. There’s also an option available that can ensure continued income to a surviving spouse.¹

Straight-forward, low-risk² investment solution—The fund invests in a fixed-income portfolio managed by some of Manulife's leading portfolio managers and leverages Manulife's experience and expertise as a manager of quality fixed-income investments.

Liquidity—If investors need access to savings, their market value is available to them at any time (fees may apply).

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Manulife PensionBuilder uses a set of deposit income rates to determine the amount of guaranteed income available for current and future income ages.³ These rates are established at the time of each deposit. Deferring income may mean higher future guaranteed income.

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1 The Manulife PensionBuilder insurance contract invests in the fixed-income fund category, which may increase or decrease in value. 2 We have the right to refuse to accept any deposit and to establish maximum and minimum Deposit amounts from time to time. Exceeding the withdrawal thresholds of the Manulife PensionBuilder insurance contract may have a negative impact on future income payments. Age restrictions and other conditions may apply. 3 Prior to election of income, income age is any age when election of income can occur. Once election of income has occurred, income age is the age on the valuation date of a subsequent deposit. Income age is based on the age of the younger of the annuitant and joint life (if applicable) as of December 31 of a calendar year.

The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife) is the issuer of insurance contracts containing Manulife segregated funds and the guarantor of any guarantee provisions therein. Manulife Investment Management is a trade name of Manulife.