About us

For decades, we've employed the same strategy: work collaboratively with our partners. Our size and position in the marketplace provide us market insight that’s essential for success.

Custom capital solutions

Our seasoned, long-term perspective and industry expertise provide financial sponsors, business owners, and portfolio company management teams with a partner that understands their industries, business cycles, and the challenges and opportunities they’re navigating in executing their business plans. Intermediaries know us as a credible and consistent source of private debt and equity through many economic cycles. 

Long-term partner

Our team establishes durable partnerships with private equity firms, business owners, management teams, and intermediaries, both as fund investors and as a financing source. Managed by a highly experienced and long-tenured team, we seek to provide solutions across the entire capital structure, typically in partnership with well-established, operationally focused companies and private equity sponsors. 

Stable capital

Backed by Manulife Financial Corporation and dedicated investment vehicles, we’re a solutions-oriented provider of capital. We’re patient investors, employing a long-term horizon when it comes to creating and building value. 

Sophisticated strategy

With many years of collective experience, we help our partners build value in their businesses through a deep understanding of their industries and business cycles and a creative approach to financing solutions.


  1. 1994

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    Senior members of the team begin making private credit and equity investments as members of John Hancock’s investment team

  2. 1998

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    Manulife Capital, established in 1998; is a leading provider of minority equity and subordinated debt capital to mid-market companies and real estate opportunities in Canada and the United States

  3. 2001

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    John Hancock’s investment team forms Hancock Capital Management with a focus on private credit and equity investments for John Hancock and third parties

  4. 2006

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    Hancock Capital Management expands our private equity focus and formalizes our private equity fund investment and equity co-investment programs

  5. 2009

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    1st private equity investment completed in the Asia-Pacific region

  6. 2014

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    Private equity office opened in Hong Kong

  7. 2017

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    Hancock Capital Management expands our private credit platform to include senior debt

  8. 2018

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    Hancock Capital Management combines with Manulife Capital; the organization’s Canada-focused private equity and credit operations; adding resources and strengthening our capabilities across the firm globally

  9. 2019

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    Hancock Capital Management and Manulife Capital rebrand under Manulife Investment Management; Secondaries business launched; 50th private equity investment completed in the Asia-Pacific region