Manulife Investment Management Launches Manulife InvestChoice in Hong Kong

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Bringing innovative digital fund investment service featuring competitive fund choices and unique pricing structure


HONG KONG – Manulife Investment Management today announced the launch of Manulife InvestChoice, a digitally enabled wrap account service consolidating and managing specially selected mutual fund products provided by Manulife Investment Management and other fund houses.  Its innovative fee model gives investors a choice of payment structure that suits their investment style.

“Our clients’ success is always our top priority.  To help them succeed in today’s financial market filled with a myriad of products requires careful solutioning, to bring choice, flexibility, convenience, and innovative pricing under one service platform.  Manulife InvestChoice checks all these boxes,” said Bruno Lee, Regional Head of Retail Wealth Distribution, Wealth and Asset Management, Asia, Manulife.  “Manulife InvestChoice brings together our proprietary fund analysis process for selecting a competitive set of fund products for our clients, and a flexible fee structure with the option to be charged per total asset balance or per transaction.  All these are housed on an easy-to-use digital platform for seamless and speedy transactions.”

Manulife InvestChoice offers three distinct benefits to investors

  • Specially selected fund choices to ­fit investors’ needs: Through its proprietary fund analysis process, Manulife performs deep analysis of the funds provided by major fund houses in the market, including Manulife Investment Management, and offers a competitive set of funds through Manulife InvestChoice
  • Digital investment management: Manulife InvestChoice also features Manulife iFunds - a newly developed digital fund platform available on mobile or desktop devices. Investors can use the platform to open Manulife InvestChoice accounts, conduct transactions and view fund portfolio and cash balances. Manulife iFunds incorporates fund analysis tools, including a "Performance Snapshot" feature to help investors make informed investment decisions.
  • Choice of fee structures: To match different clients’ investment styles, Manulife InvestChoice offers two types of account: Asset-based Account and Trade-based Account.  Asset-based Account offers a unique fee structure, with no transaction fee charged for any fund subscriptions or switches.  Instead, an annual fee will be charged based on the account’s average assets under management, which is suitable for clients who rebalance their portfolios on a regular basis.  The option of Trade-based Account is available where a fee will be charged for each transaction, and is suitable for clients who prefer to “buy and hold”.

Kareen Chow, Vice President and Chief Agency Officer, Manulife (International) Limited, added, “Manulife InvestChoice is underpinned by our strengths that put us in pole position as Hong Kong’s largest Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme sponsor.  The fund selection process for InvestChoice is conducted by the same investment analysis team that performs fund selection for our leading MPF platform; while the Manulife iFunds platform effectively turns our strong agency force into digitally enabled financial advisors, providing professional and customer centric investment services to our clients.”

Manulife InvestChoice’s fast online fund-switching service also enables investors to effectively capture investment opportunities in a rapidly changing and volatile market that investors find themselves in today. Manulife InvestChoice also features a cash account that can be denominated in HKD, USD, RMB, EUR, and AUD, providing greater flexibility in fund trading.

“Investors constantly look for differentiated investment solutions in face of the evolving market conditions. With select high-quality fund choices, Manulife InvestChoice is designed to help individual investors to navigate different market cycles and effectively grasp valuable investment opportunities, with the support of our professional advisors.” added Lee.


About Manulife Investment Management

Manulife Investment Management is the global wealth and asset management segment of Manulife Financial Corporation. We draw on more than 150 years of financial stewardship to partner with clients across our institutional, retail, and retirement businesses globally. Our specialist approach to money management includes the highly differentiated strategies of our fixed-income, specialized equity, multi-asset solutions, and private markets teams—along with access to specialized, unaffiliated asset managers from around the world through our multimanager model. Our personalized, data-driven approach to retirement is focused on delivering financial wellness in retirement plans of all sizes to help plan participants and members retire with dignity.

Headquartered in Toronto, we operate as Manulife Investment Management throughout the world, with the exception of the United States, where the retail and retirement businesses operate as John Hancock Investment Management and John Hancock, respectively; and in Asia and Canada, where the retirement business operates as Manulife. Manulife Investment Management had C$844 billion (USD $645 billion) in assets under management and administration as of June 30, 20191. Not all offerings available in all jurisdictions. For additional information, please visit our website at

1. Source: MFC financials. Global Wealth and Asset Management AUMA at June 30, 2019 was C$844 billion and includes C$191 billion of assets managed on behalf of other segments and C$136 billion of assets under administration.



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