Manulife Investment Management Malaysia introduces two PRS REIT funds for members seeking sustainable yields for retirement savings, in a low interest rate market that carries signs of promise

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KUALA LUMPUR, 5 December 2019 – Continued global economic uncertainty and low interest rate environment have prompted investors in Malaysia to search for higher and more sustainable yields, as they seek to generate a steady income stream to supplement their savings.

To address this growing need, Manulife Investment Management (M) Berhad (Manulife) today introduced two non-core funds for Malaysia’s Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) – the “Manulife Shariah PRS-Global REIT Fund” and the “Manulife PRS Asia-Pacific REIT Fund”, which offer long-term yields and capital growth from a well-diversified mix of property and real estate investments.  Minimum investment amount is RM100 for the respective fund, but for members with a net asset value of RM5,000 per fund Manulife is offering free insurance policies covering injuries, disability or death, with no medical check-up required. Those who become members of the PRS funds by year-end will also enjoy personal tax relief of up to RM3,000 per year.

“As a protector of investors’ wealth and life savings, Manulife is committed to creating innovative solutions that could give clients peace of mind about their financial future. Our offering of two REIT funds for the PRS underscores this commitment – these are yield-generating products that could potentially provide payouts that can be reinvested into the funds to further grow the savings pool, or become a good source of income during retirement,” said Jason Chong, CEO of Manulife Investment Management (M) Berhad.  

Members of Manulife Shariah PRS-Global REIT Fund[*] will receive a Group Personal Accident (GPA) takaful plan with coverage of up to RM3 million, while members of Manulife PRS Asia-Paci­fic REIT Fund* will receive a Group Term Life (GTL) insurance plan with coverage of up to RM100,000. This gives retirees-to-be and free agents the added financial protection they seek.

Why real estate investment trusts (REITs)?

The market is faced with three broad trends at present.  First, the global interest rate environment is expected to remain low for longer.  Meanwhile, valuations across all asset classes have been depressed for some time and investors may look to engage the market more actively. Coupled with the imminent implementation of 5G, investments in related infrastructure projects could set to increase.  This calls for income solutions that can deliver both capital appreciation and stable returns.

Chong commented: “Investors should expect interest rates to remain lower for longer, as central banks around the world are implementing easing measures to boost growth. This means yields from conventional sources could remain depressed, and that investors should look to alternative, less correlated yield-generating assets such as REITs to supplement this income gap. And as investors’ search for yield and better returns continues, we could also expect to see restocking of assets which could gradually drive up prices.”

Physical real estate has long been a source of stable medium- to long-term returns for investors, but its illiquid nature and sometimes high barriers to entry have restricted its access from the wider investment community. However, REITs offer the liquidity and lower entry barrier that makes them accessible by all investors, while at the same time provide the same stable income stream and capital appreciation that bricks and mortar offer.

“Technological development is an area which conventional real estate investors may overlook, not only because they tend to focus on physical assets that are more correlated to the local economy, but also they have no access to such investment opportunities. With REITs, investors could gain exposure to infrastructure projects that are normally off-limits to retail investors. For instance, with growth in “new economy” sectors such as e-commerce, self-driving cars, and Internet of Things, 5G telecommunications will play a pivotal role in driving their success. And the backbone of all this is the infrastructure including data centers, telecommunication cell towers and warehouses. As 5G becomes more prevalent, the need for infrastructure to support this will grow exponentially,” Chong added.

REITs can withstand different market conditions largely due to its lower correlation with other asset classes. Dividend yields from global REITs have been higher than 10-year government bond yields, and major REIT markets such as the US, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong have all performed strongly in different interest rate hike cycles.

“By bringing our global Shariah and Asia-Pacific REIT offerings on the PRS platform, we can help enhance the retirement savings pool of people in Malaysia.  With our free insurance policies that will come with the PRS purchase will provide coverage for injuries, disability or death, and is particularly suitable to those who are nearing retirement and the younger free agent Slash Generation who need the protection,” Chong concluded.


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* A minimum net asset value of RM5,000 per fund is required to enjoy the corresponding free insurance coverage.