Manulife Investment Management Agricultural Services (Canada)

We are a farmland property management company that acquires quality farmland on behalf of Manulife Investment Management and leases it to innovative farm operators seeking to expand their operations. Owners of farmland in Canada seeking to sell their land and local farms looking to expand their operations are encouraged to contact us.

About us

Manulife Investment Management Agricultural Services (Canada) is a farmland acquisition and management firm that forms mutually beneficial relationships with local farm operators in Canada. We acquire farmland in Canada and lease it to innovative farm operators looking to expand their operations. 

Manulife Investment Management Agricultural Services (Canada) is part of Manulife Investment Management’s private market platform, which includes agriculture, timber, real estate, private equity and credit, and infrastructure. Manulife Investment Management is the global wealth and asset management segment of Manulife Financial Corporation. With leading capabilities in private assets, and the resources of a global financial organization, Manulife Investment Management helps our partners to understand their needs and create tailored solutions to help meet them.

Manulife Investment Management Agriculture Services (Canada) Ltd is not authorized to provide, and does not provide, investment advice or investment advisory services. Additionally, the content of this site is not intended nor should be construed as an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security or to participate in an investment strategy.

Work with us

Are you a farmer who is looking to sell your farm or work with us?

Why work with us

  • We have the capital to make it happen. We have immediate access to capital to close acquisitions promptly. 
  • We are tactful. We understand that transitions with family or closely held farms can be sensitive in nature. 
  • We have the flexibility to make it work. We'll work closely with your financial or legal professionals to try to find structures that work. 
  • We know farming and cropland. We have a passion for agriculture and understand the issues involved.
  • We endeavor to grow profits sustainably. We embrace sustainability and stewardship as guiding principles.

Ways you can work with us

  • Selling your farm

    You can sell your farm and continue to operate it under a leasing arrangement. Strengthen your balance sheet by turning equity into liquidity from the sale of farmland. We are always in the market for farmland and can provide liquidity to make capital improvements, change the ownership structure, or deploy that capital in other areas.

  • Expanding your operations

    We are looking to work with experienced and innovative farmers wanting to expand their operations. We can help farm operators scale up operations, modernize equipment, and invest in other areas. 

    Some of the benefits of working with us may include: 

    • Flexible leasing agreements and lease terms
    • Increased liquidity 
    • Immediately deployable capital
    • Improved productivity and efficiency 
    • Potential shared infrastructure 
    • Concerned stewards of the land, the environment, and the community
    • Partnership opportunities
  • Planning succession solutions

    Transitioning the farm to the next generation is an exciting milestone. We may be able to help provide solutions for retirement, successorship, or setting an estate.

Are you looking to sell your farm?

We offer solutions for farmers looking to capitalize on current land values and deploy capital elsewhere. We look to acquire high-quality farmland in Canada. The land may be dryland, irrigated, or developmental farmland, with a preference for properties that are over 640 acres.

Contact us today


Are you a farmer who is looking to sell your farm or work with us? We would like to hear from you.

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