Emerging markets—investing in transformational change 

Emerging markets are undergoing some of the most exciting changes in a generation. From the rapid growth in wealth to digitization and growth in industries such as e-commerce, today’s emerging markets offer new opportunities for investors.

A paradigm shift

Investing in emerging-market (EM) equities can help institutional investors expand portfolio opportunities outside developed markets while adding diversification potential, and today’s trends make the case for EM even stronger. EM-based companies have joined—and in some cases surpassed—developed-market peers in fast-growing segments of the global economy, creating opportunities for investors who may benefit from the expertise that active managers can bring to identifying bottom-up, long-term opportunities across the growing EM equity universe.

Emerging markets dominate wealth gains globally

Average annual growth of wealth per adult in local currencies, selected countries (%), 2000–2019

Source: Credit Suisse Global wealth databook 2019, Credit Suisse Research Institute, October 2019.

Over a decade, the EM share of the world's top consumer brands has grown nearly sixfold

Countries' shares by value of the world's top 25 brands, 2011–2021

Source: Global 500 rankings, Brand Finance, 2021. Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding.

EM equities: a shift from commodities-oriented sectors toward faster-growing tech and consumer sectors

MSCI EM Index combined sector weightings for energy and materials vs. the consumer discretionary, information technology, and communication services sectors (%), 2010–2020

Source: MSCI Inc., 2021. The MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) Index tracks the performance of publicly traded large- and mid-cap emerging-market stocks. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

The case for an active approach in EM

With nearly 1,400 stocks across 27 countries as of March 2021, the MSCI EM Index presents a wide range of opportunities and risks―as well a fertile investment universe for portfolio managers with the experience and ability to apply deep understanding of the dynamics that can influence different markets, industries, and companies.

Emerging Markets Equity Strategy

  • Kathryn Langridge
    Kathryn Langridge, Senior Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equity
  • Philip Ehrmann
    Philip Ehrmann, Senior Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equity

As experienced specialists in the asset class, Manulife Investment Management Senior Portfolio Managers Kathryn Langridge and Philip Ehrmann are well suited to navigate the dynamic EM universe. Their strategy seeks to provide exposure to high-quality growth companies at reasonable valuations while actively managing opportunities and risks.

Explore the strategy

What's unique about the strategy

  • Experienced investment team

    Both portfolio managers have four decades of experience, primarily in EM equities, and are supported by a team of veteran analysts and traders

  • Targeted, active approach

    Typical holdings range: 60–80 securities; active share, 75.06% as of March 31, 2021¹

  • Incorporation of ESG criteria into security selection

    The team actively engages with corporate management teams on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and risk management as it pertains to ESG issues

1 Active share is a measure of how much an equity portfolio’s holdings differ from the portfolio’s benchmark index.

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