Target Date Strategy

Our solutions are designed to provide investors with access to a sophisticated asset allocation and diversification process managed by experienced professionals. As one of the few industry providers to offer both to and through glide paths, our target-date strategies allow plan sponsors to choose an option that best suits their needs.


The team has a history of managing multi-asset strategies dating back to the mid-1990s, with an investment philosophy that has always included a multimanager and multi-index approach combined with granular asset class exposures enhanced by active allocation decisions. A central tenet of the team’s risk management philosophy is a fundamental belief that the diversification of asset classes, investment styles, and strategies allows for the greatest probability of achieving risk-adjusted results that are consistent with client objectives. While the glide path establishes the strategic allocation based on longer-term asset class expectations, the target-date suite employs an active asset allocation strategy that seeks to take advantage of nearer-term opportunities presented by the current market environment while also adding value by tilting the exposures of the funds relative to the glide path.  

Managed by

Nathan W. Thooft, CFA

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Asset Solutions Team and Global Head, Senior Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation Team

In addition to his portfolio management responsibilities, Nathan is co-chief investment officer of the firm’s multi-asset solutions team and is global head of asset allocation. In these roles, Nathan is the lead portfolio manager on a range of asset allocation strategies and leads the investment decision making process, development and growth of the firm’s multi-asset solutions. During his time with Manulife, Nathan has served in many senior asset allocation and research roles spanning Canada, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Previously, Nathan was vice president and director of investments, investment management services, for John Hancock Financial, the U.S. division of Manulife Financial. In that role, he was responsible for leading manager research efforts, asset class research, and the development and daily monitoring of investment platforms in the United States and Asia. Prior to joining John Hancock, he was a senior portfolio analyst within the investment management division of Fidelity Investments; before that, he was a senior product consultant at RBC Wealth Management. Nathan holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the CFA Society Boston and the CFA Institute.

  • Education: B.A., University of Minnesota; M.B.A., University of Minnesota
  • Joined the company: 2008
  • Began career: 2000
Nathan W. Thooft, CFA


At Manulife Investment Management, we offer investment strategies through a variety of vehicles to suit a broad range of client needs. Contact our institutional sales or consultant relations team to find out if this strategy/vehicle is offered in your region. 

  • Separate accounts

    Our separate accounts and separately managed accounts (SMAs) are designed for institutions and high-net-worth clients seeking tailored investment solutions and direct ownership of securities. 

  • CITs

    Our professionally managed collective investment trusts (CITs) are available in certain qualified retirement plans.

  • Mutual funds

    Mutual funds are liquid, professionally managed portfolios which are available to both institutional and retail investors.

Key facts

  • Managing multi-asset solutions

    Since 1994

  • Managing target-date strategies

    Since 2005

  • Asset allocation assets under management (USD)

    $23.29 billion

  • Style

    Asset allocation

  • Asset class forecasts

    140, including non-traditional investments

  • Multiple glide paths

    Focused on distinct objectives

Important disclosures

All information shown is as of March 31, 2021, unless otherwise indicated. Strategy-level information may differ from vehicle-specific information. Not all vehicles are available in all locations and may be offered through affiliates of Manulife Investment Management.


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