Emerging Markets Equity

The strategy seeks to provide exposure to high-quality growth companies in emerging markets at reasonable valuations while actively managing the opportunities and risks associated with those markets.


The team believes that well-run businesses in emerging markets can generate superior growth and sustain high returns on capital. As active investors, the team seeks to invest in the best of these companies at the right valuation, a strategy that has the potential to deliver long-term outperformance.

Managed by

Kathryn Langridge

Senior Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equity

Kathryn is a senior managing director and senior portfolio manager for Manulife Investment Management, as well as the lead portfolio manager of the emerging-market equity strategy and team. Kathryn began her career with the Jardine Group and held roles at Jardine Fleming in Asia, including Hong Kong and Singapore. She then worked at Perpetual/Invesco Perpetual, holding positions that included head of Asian investments and head of international equity products, before joining Lloyd George Management as head of the global emerging-market team. Kathryn was most recently at Jupiter Asset Management as the fund management director of the global emerging-market funds, and she held additional responsibilities for managing equity funds in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

  • Education: M.A. in English Literature, Cambridge University
  • Joined the company: 2014
  • Began career: 1980
Kathryn Langridge

Philip Ehrmann

Senior Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equity

Philip is a senior managing director and senior portfolio manager for Manulife Investment Management. He started his career focusing on North American equities before moving to Invesco as a portfolio manager. It was there, having been appointed a global partner, that he changed focus, being appointed to lead the company’s emerging-market desk. Subsequently, he moved to Gartmore to become head of global emerging markets, successfully rebuilding the team and turning performance around before adding the Pacific equity business to his responsibilities as head of Pacific and emerging markets. He was most recently at Jupiter Asset Management as co-head of Asian equities and fund management director of the Jupiter China Fund.

  • Education: B.Sc. in Economics, London School of Economics
  • Joined the company: 2015
  • Began career: 1981
Philip Ehrmann


At Manulife Investment Management, we offer investment strategies through a variety of vehicles to suit a broad range of client needs. Contact our institutional sales or consultant relations team to find out if this strategy/vehicle is offered in your region. 

  • Separate accounts

    Our separate accounts and separately managed accounts (SMAs) are designed for institutions and high-net-worth clients seeking tailored investment solutions and direct ownership of securities. 

  • CITs

    Our professionally managed collective investment trusts (CITs) are available in certain qualified retirement plans.

  • Mutual funds

    Mutual funds are liquid, professionally managed portfolios which are available to both institutional and retail investors.


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