Manulife Private Investment Pools

The Manulife Private Investment Pools (MPIP) program is an exclusive wealth management initiative with the comprehensive resources needed to fulfill your distinct preferences and priorities. It's where you’ll find the vision, expertise, value, service, innovation, and integrity that you expect and require to answer your sophisticated investing objectives and goals.

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Institutional investors such as major corporations, pension plans, and endowments employ disciplined techniques to invest with greater certainty. MPIP bring the same level of discipline and asset management expertise within reach for affluent investors.

With MPIP Investment Pools, you can help clients develop a portfolio strategy that reflects their goals for income, growth, and capital preservation. You can then construct a customized portfolio using one or more of the investment pools. The MPIP Investment Pools have access to a range of asset classes and investment opportunities, from Canadian stocks and bonds to international securities—all managed by teams of high-conviction portfolio managers. Because the investment pools are supported by all dealer platforms, you’ll always be able to maintain the assets in the program, no matter where your advisory career takes you.

Overall, the MPIP program comprises two distinct investment platforms: investment pools (in trust and corporate class options) and segregated pools. Discuss the advantages of these options with your advisor as you collaborate on the best investing strategy for your specific situation.

This exclusive investment program is available on two platforms—MPIP Investment Pools and MPIP Segregated Pools

This investment program offers:

  • A comprehensive suite of pools in a range of asset classes
  • Household account/contract linking
  • Tiered management fee reductions/reimbursements
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • The backing of high-conviction portfolio managers

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The MPIP Investment Pools is managed by Manulife Investment Management, a division of Manulife Investment Management Limited. The MPIP Segregated Pools insurance contract is offered by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company. Withdrawals proportionally decrease maturity and death benefit guarantees. The MPIP Segregated Pools insurance contract is offered by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.