Ideal Segregated Funds Signature 2.0 - Ideal 75/75 Series

  • Product Name

    Ideal Segregated Funds Signature 2.0

  • Series name

    Ideal 75/75 Series

  • Description

    Closed to new contract sales effective May 16, 2016 and to subsequent deposits effective October 28, 2022.

  • Product type

    Segregated Fund Contract

  • Original Company

    Standard Life

  • Additional series offered under product

    Ideal 75/100 Series Ideal 100/100 Series

Product snapshot

Important Information

Closed to new contracts, new premiums and additional premiums. New PAC arrangements may not be set up and existing PAC arrangements cannot be increased.

Age Limits

Additional premiums: age 100 or earlier where required by legislation

Additional premiums are only permitted via an existing PAC agreement and cannot be increased.


Ad hoc:

  • Savings plans¹: $250 per fund
  • Payout plans²: $250 per fund
  • Platinum: $1,000 per plan, per fund

Scheduled (SWP) for Non-Registered savings plan only:

  • $100 per fund
  • Platinum: $500 per fund³


Savings plans¹: $250 per fund

Payout plans²: $1,000 per fund

Platinum: $1,000 per fund


Death guarantee

Death Benefit Guarantee is equal to:

  • Savings Plans¹: Greater of Series Value or 75% of Death Guarantee Value⁶.
  • Payout Plans⁶: Greater of Series Value or 75% of Death Guarantee Value⁶ less sum of scheduled retirement income payments received since first premium payment.

Maturity guarantee

Savings Plans¹ only:

  • Maturity Benefit Guarantee is equal to the greater of Series Value or 75% of Maturity Guarantee Value⁷ on the Series Maturity Date.
  • Client may change the Series Maturity Date and must be at least 10 years from the date of the first premium payment.

Payout guarantee

Payout Plans² only:

  • Payout Benefit Guarantee equal to at least 75% of Maturity Guarantee Value⁷ paid as income payments over the lifetime of the Series.
  • Series must be in force at least 10 years from 1st premium payment.
  • Dollar‑for‑dollar reductions on scheduled retirement income payment.

Income guarantee


Ability to bypass estate costs


Potential for creditor protection


Waiving redemption fees upon death


Ability to name a successor annuitant


Ability to name successor owner⁵

Contingent contract holder Non-Registered contracts only

Joint Life Option


1 Savings plans include: Non‑registered savings plan, TFSA, RSP (including spousal RSP), LIRA, LRSP and RLSP. 2 Payout plans include: RIF (including spousal RIF), LIF, LRIF, Prescribed RIF and RLIF. 3 Platinum No‑load contract minimum must be respected prior to setting up a Systematic withdrawal plan (SWP). 4 Withdrawals and fund switches may result in tax consequences. 5 In the province of Quebec, a successor owner is known as a subrogated policyholder. 6 Death Guarantee Value is equal to the sum of premiums paid less the sum of proportional reductions for prior withdrawals. 7 Maturity Guarantee Value is equal to the sum of premiums paid less the sum of proportional reductions for prior withdrawals.


Management Expense Ratio (MER)

MERs vary by Fund for more details visit Price and Performance.

Other Fees

Charges may apply for certain transactions including withdrawals and Fund switches.

For additional detail, refer to the Information Folder and Contract documentation.

Load Options

No‑load, Platinum No‑load and F-Class

Platinum no-load option requires a minimum of $250,000 per series

Other features


Sales Charge Options %


Back‑end load option

Low‑load option

Up to 1 year



1‑2 years



2‑3 years



3‑4 years



4‑5 years



5‑6 years



6‑7 years



7 years or more




  • Back-end and low-load options no longer allow new deposits, subsequent deposits, new PAC setups and switches in from other load options. Effective May 26, 2023, existing PACs in these sales charge options will continue to no-load option. Existing investments in back-end and low-load options will remain and the existing sales charge schedule will apply to any withdrawals.
  • There are no withdrawal charges for the No‑load, F-Class and Platinum No‑load options.
  • Under the Back‑end load and Low‑load options, withdrawal charges are waived for payment of the Death Benefit Guarantee.

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Important disclosure

The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife) is the issuer of insurance contracts containing Manulife segregated funds and the guarantor of any guarantee provisions therein.

This is a quick reference guide only. For full contract provisions, refer to the product’s Information Folder, Contract & Fund Facts.