Manulife GIF Investment Account (MLIA)

  • Product Name

    Manulife GIF Investment Account (MLIA)

  • Description

    For contracts sold up to April 30, 2009

  • Product type

    Segregated Fund Contract

  • Original Company

    Maritime Life

Product snapshot

Fund minimum

$500 per fund per sales charge option

Subsequent deposits

Closed to additional deposits since April 29, 2011

PAC deposits

No new PACs can be established

Existing PAC arrangements cannot be increased

Minimum $100 per fund per sales charge option

Maximum deposit



DIA (Daily Interest Account)/GIA (Guaranteed Interest Account): $100 scheduled and unscheduled.

Segregated Funds: $500 per Fund or $100 per month scheduled.


Ad hoc: Minimum $500 per fund per sales charge option

Scheduled: Minimum $100 per fund per sales charge option

Five free switches per year

Age Limits

Contract Types

Latest Age to Purchase*

Latest Age to Own*






71** (but will continue to RRIF/LIF)



No age limit

LIF (pension jurisdictions requiring annuitization at age 80)



1 Withdrawals and fund switches may result in tax consequences. 

*All dates are as of December 31 of the annuitant’s age shown

**Or latest age to own under the Income Tax Act (Canada)

◊ In provinces where legislation requires a LIF to be annuitized at age 80, the latest age to purchase is 65


Death guarantee

100% of Deposit Value for Deposits received before the Annuitant attains age 80

80% for Deposits made on or after the Annuitant’s 80th birthday

Maturity guarantees

100% of Deposit Value for Class A Funds (75% for Deposits made in the final 10 years of the Contract; the closing decade)

75% of Deposit Value for Class B Funds

Automatic Daily Reset (ADR)

  • Maturity Guarantee is Reset daily for Class A Funds only; Class B Funds are not Reset
  • ADR stops in the closing decade of the contract. 

Payout guarantee


Ability to bypass estate costs


Potential for creditor protection


Waiving redemption fees upon death


Ability to name a successor annuitant


Ability to name successor owner²

Non-Registered contracts only

Joint Life Option


2 In the province of Quebec, a successor owner is known as a subrogated policyholder.


Management Expense Ratio (MER)

MERs vary by Fund for more details visit Price and Performance.


Sales Charge Options

The Segregated Funds are only available with a No-load sales charge option and do not incur sales charges, other than early withdrawal fees.

Other Fees

Charges may apply for certain transactions including withdrawals and Fund switches.

For additional detail, refer to the Information Folder and Contract documentation.

Load Options

No Load only (Class A and Class B)

Other features


Sales Charge Options %

All MLIA funds are No Load fee option.


Back-end fee option within MLIA no longer allows new deposits, subsequent deposits, new PAC setups, PAC increases and switches in from other sales charges. Switches within the same sales charge option are permitted. Existing investments in back-end will remain and the existing sales charge schedule will apply to any withdrawals.

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Important disclosure

The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife) is the issuer of insurance contracts containing Manulife segregated funds and the guarantor of any guarantee provisions therein.

This is a quick reference guide only. For full contract provisions, refer to the product’s Information Folder, Contract & Fund Facts.