Notices and Proxy Voting Records

Proxy Voting Records

For your convenience, our proxy voting records are available on our website on an annual basis, no later than August 31, for the period of July 1 to June 30 of each year. Should you have difficulty locating a proxy voting record of a fund, it may be due to the fact that no record is maintained due to the particular circumstances of the fund. For example, no proxy voting record is available for a fund that invests exclusively in other Manulife Mutual Funds or for a fund that does not invest in equity securities. As well, no record may be available for a fund launched after June 30th. Funds launched after June 30th will have their proxy records disclosed no later than August 31 of the subsequent annual period.

The current proxy voting policies and procedures of Manulife Mutual Funds and the investment sub-advisors will be available to securityholders on request, at no cost, by calling toll-free 1-888-588-7999.

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