Viewpoints by Alex Grassino, at Manulife Investment Management

Alex Grassino

Alex provides  global  macroeconomic  and financial  markets research  for  the multi-asset solutions team and  helps implement  the tactical asset mix overlay  for  selected Canadian  balanced  fund  mandates. He  joined  the firm  when  Standard  Life's  Canadian  operations  were  acquired by Manulife in January  2015. Prior  to joining  Standard  Life  Investments  in 2012,  Alex worked  as an equity research  analyst and  as a financial  markets economist at Laurentian  Bank Securities.

  • Education: B.A., Economics and  History, McGill University;  M.Sc., Financial Services  Management,  University  of  Surrey 
  • Joined the company: 2015
  • Began career: 2001