Fixed-income unleashed

Strengthen your defence and sharpen your offence with Manulife liquid alternatives.

Enter Manulife liquid alternatives

The current fixed-income environment faces challenges, but the good news is, we can help preserve what has made this asset class such an integral component of traditional portfolios. With Manulife liquid alternatives, investors can enhance return potential and better manage risk exposures, especially if traditional investments are challenged.

Manulife Alternative Opportunities Fund

  • North American alternative fixed-income solution
  • Enhanced downside protection
  • Tactical duration management
  • Increased return potential
  • Road map for all market cycles
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Manulife Strategic Income Plus Fund

  • Global alternative fixed-income solution
  • Total return potential
  • Opportunistic currency and yield curve management
  • Tactical duration management
  • A core bond alpha complement
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Underscoring investor needs

Sticky inflation. Slower economic growth. Rising geopolitical risks. The investment landscape is evolving, and so are investor needs.

Investors are on the lookout for:

  • Downside protection and better management of portfolio risks through diversification

  • Enhanced return potential in periods where traditional asset classes are challenged

  • Additional tools, strategies, and access to a wider investment universe

Harness the power of liquid alternatives

We get it—you need more flexibility. Liquid alternatives can push the boundaries of traditional investing and help get you the most out of your portfolio.

Unveiling the benefits of liquid alternatives

Liquid alternatives come with an array of benefits, including the possibility of enhanced diversification and increased upside potential.

Downside protection

Liquid alternatives can help limit downside risks with lower correlation to stocks and bonds

Alpha generation

Liquid alternatives seek to enhance risk-adjusted returns with a diverse opportunity set


Liquid alternative products can be traded daily like a mutual fund


With lower investment minimums, liquid alternative strategies are more accessible relative to institutional strategies

Investing outside the confines of traditional fixed income

With increased flexibility to manage their funds with liquid alternative strategies, portfolio managers can rely on tools that aren’t typically available under a traditional mutual fund structure.

Traditional mutual fund

Liquid alternative funds (prospectus based)

Derivatives (nonhedging purposes)


50% of NAV

Cash borrowing

5% of NAV with restrictions

50% of NAV

Short selling

20% of NAV (150% cash cover)

50% of NAV¹ (no cash cover required)

Total leverage (not cash covered)

Not allowed

300% of NAV

Illiquid assets

10% of NAV

10% of NAV

Access to physical commodities

No limit

Limited to 10%

Concentration limits



Source: National Instrument 81-102.

1 Combined cash borrowing and short selling is limited to 50% of NAV.

Why Manulife Investment Management

Hinging on years of profound expertise in fixed income, we’re ready to use our newfound freedom to capitalize on a once-in-a-generation opportunity in this space. Whether it comes down to risk overlays, leverage or currency-based trading, a wealth of powerful tools are now at the fingertips of our seasoned portfolio managers.

  • Core values. Expanded capabilities.

    Draw on the vast know-how of our experienced portfolio management teams and power your portfolio with our newly expanded tool kit.

  • Backed by our long-standing history

    Leverage our alternative investing capabilities, unwavering commitment to risk management, and long-standing global footprint. 

  • An established asset manager with global resources and expertise extending across equity, fixed-income, and alternative investments as well as asset allocation strategies.

  • Our seasoned fixed-income teams have been using tools associated with alternative investing such as derivatives and hedging for decades.

  • Our parent company, Manulife, has a strong insurance heritage and aligned interest with investors through substantial general account investments and solid risk management, having navigated numerous market crises since 1887.

  • This unwavering commitment to managing risk on behalf of investors, coupled with a long history of investing in private markets and our ability to leverage a global footprint, and rich tradition of financial stewardship are what set us apart.

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Want to get real with alternatives?

From liquid alternatives to real assets, each strategy within our alternatives offering was designed to target a specific set of needs. Find out how to complement our liquid alternative funds with real assets.

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Manulife Alternative Mutual Funds have the ability to invest in asset classes or use investment strategies that are not permitted for conventional mutual funds. The specific strategies that differentiate these alternative mutual funds from conventional mutual funds may include the increased use of derivatives for hedging and nonhedging purposes, the increased ability to sell securities short and the ability to borrow cash to use for investment purposes. If undertaken, these strategies will be used in accordance with the Funds’ objectives and strategies, and during certain market conditions, may accelerate the pace at which the Funds decrease in value.

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