Manulife Strategic Income Fund

This resilient fixed-income fund has been a beacon of consistency for over 15 years in all market conditions. Explore what you’ve been missing.

Strategically speaking with Christopher M. Chapman, CFA

Chris shares insight on Manulife Strategic Income Fund, including the team’s investment process and risk mitigation.

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Return potential is compelling for global multi-sector bond fund

Opportunities for the yield are probably the best in a decade, says Manulife Investment Management’s Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income Chris Chapman

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Pushing the boundaries of fixed income to their core

In today’s challenging environment, generating positive returns in a core fixed-income portfolio is more challenging than ever. Traditional government bonds struggle to deliver results of the past, leaving investors to take on more risk to get the returns they need.

Faced with these challenges, the global multi-sector fixed-income team at Manulife Investment Management thought strategically. The team wanted to push the boundaries and build a resilient core fixed-income solution that took advantage of Manulife’s global expertise and capabilities. A fund that could:

  • Invest anywhere in the world
  • Hold a diverse portfolio of income assets ranging from government bonds to high-yield and emerging-market securities
  • Leverage our global network of credit analysts to manage risk
  • Tactically shift to a more aggressive or defensive stance based on the portfolio management’s ability to manage interest-rate, credit, currency, and liquidity risks in the markets

Manulife global multi-sector fixed-income team

The sun never sets on the funds the team manages. Team members are located in North America and Asia, and combined with Manulife’s global footprint of supporting traders, research analysts, and risk managers, funds are managed 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (markets are closed on the weekend, but due to a time difference, Asian markets are open while it’s still Sunday in Boston).

Investment process

When it comes to Manulife Strategic Income Fund, the portfolio management team aims to generate returns by investing primarily in a portfolio of global government and corporate bonds, including high-yield and emerging-markets securities. Currency management enables team members to further diversify the portfolio, mitigate risk, and potentially add returns. By expanding the investment universe to include multiple sectors and currencies, they look to increase potential return while reducing risk.

Learn about our segregated fund platform

Manulife Strategic Income Fund is available to segregated fund investors in the GIF Select InvestmentPlus® contract.

Since inception, Manulife Strategic Income GIF Select InvestmentPlus Fund has delivered an annualized return of 3.14%.


How does the team actively manage interest-rate risk?

Chris Chapman speaks to the team’s prudent approach—being dynamic when managing interest-rate risk

How does the team actively manage credit risk?

Chris Chapman describes how the team leverages its investment process to mitigate credit risk.

How does the team actively manage currency risk?

Chris Chapman speaks to active currency management in the portfolio and how it can be a risk mitigator, a diversifier, and an alpha generator.

How does the team actively manage liquidity risk?

Chris Chapman talks about how the liquidity decision is built into the team’s investment process.

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