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Advisor Manulife ID

Advisor Manulife ID is a single, secure username and password for accessing Manulife products and services. It replaces your old credentials with one ID and helps simplify your online business interactions with us. This means you only need one ID to access both Repsource and Advisor Portal.

To learn more about Advisor Manulife ID, check out the resources below.

Questions about Advisor Manulife ID?

What is Advisor Manulife ID?

Advisor Manulife ID is a new, secure online ID (username and password) for advisors, marketing assistants and back-office staff. It adds an extra layer of security to keep your client information safe and will eventually serve as your single login for all your business interactions with Manulife – simplifying your sign in experience.  Whether your business focuses on certain products or multiple lines of business, we’ve streamlined the sign in experience to cater to all advisor practices.

Do I have to set up an Advisor Manulife ID?

Yes. If you want to access Manulife Investment Management resources, you will need to set up your Advisor Manulife ID to access Repsource. You'll use your Advisor Manulife ID to sign in and manage your business.

I’m not sure if I have an Advisor Manulife ID. How can I check?

If you don’t remember, here’s some tips to help you:

  • Make sure you’re signed out of your Manulife account, then click Forgot your username on the login screen? If you have an Advisor Manulife ID, you’ll receive an email in less than 5 minutes.
  • If you use the same email address to try and set up a second Advisor Manulife ID, you’ll get a warning message saying: “Hang on – it looks like you might already have an Advisor Manulife ID…”.

What if I already have an Advisor Manulife ID?

Sign in using that same Advisor Manulife ID and connect your Repsource account, if you haven’t done so already. Click here for more guidance.

Do I need an Advisor Manulife ID as a Marketing Assistant or Back-office staff?

Yes you do!

Marketing Assistant: If you support one or several specific advisors and require access to their client information, you should register as a Marketing Assistant. Manulife will reach out to the advisor(s) for approval. Once you’re approved to support at least one advisor, additional advisors can use our self-serve feature and grant you access to their business, by adding your name and email ID as an approved Marketing Assistant. After you have registered as a Marketing Assistant Manulife will reach out to the advisors for approval.

Back-office staff: If you work for an MGA or National Account back office and support an entire dealer and require access at a branch or dealer level, you should register as Back-office staff.

I don’t have an Advisor Manulife ID and can’t access Repsource, what should I do?

Go to and click “continue”. Follow the steps to create your Advisor Manulife ID and link your existing Repsource username and email address. This process can be completed within 24 hours but may take longer if approvals are required for Marketing Assistants and Back-office staff. If you need guidance, this guide can help.

If I have a Manulife ID, do I need to set up an Advisor Manulife ID?

Yes. A Manulife ID is for clients to access their personal Manulife products within Manulife Investment Management, Manulife Securities, Manulife Vitality, and Group Retirement.

An Advisor Manulife ID gives actively contracted advisors, Marketing Assistants and back-office staff access to view and manage their business through Repsource and Advisor Portal.

We have multiple people in our company who need access to client information. Can we all use the same Advisor Manulife ID?

No. Each person in your organization must create their own Advisor Manulife ID, specific to their access needs. This keeps the accounts secure as people change responsibilities or companies and it is the advisor’s responsibility to immediately update the access within their Profile. For help granting and removing access, review the “Setting up delegate access” PDF (log into Repsource before accessing the link).

Note: Our system will detect when another device is trying to logon using your credentials and we’ll send you a text message or email for verification before access is granted. Marketing Assistants must have their own unique Advisor Manulife ID, using a separate username and email ID.

For my Advisor Manulife ID, can I use the same username and password as my Repsource credentials?

For your Advisor Manulife ID, you can use any username you like, so long as it’s not already being used for another Manulife ID. You can choose to use any password you like, so long as it meets the password strength requirements.

After I finished setting up my Advisor Manulife ID, I wasn’t able to sign in.

The final step needed to complete setting up your Advisor Manulife ID is to click the Activate button that you’ll find in an automated email you get from Manulife. This button must be clicked in less than 15 minutes of getting the email.

Having technical issues or require registration support?

If you have any technical issues creating your Advisor Manulife ID and/or linking it to your existing Repsource account, contact our Distribution Technology Support Centre: email, you can use our livechat option or call 1-800-667- 4266.

I didn’t get a confirmation email.

If you don’t see a confirmation email from us after setting up your Advisor Manulife ID:

  • The sender of the email will be:
  • Check your spam or junk folders
  • Wait 15 minutes and try setting up your Advisor Manulife ID again

If you still don’t see an email, contact our Distribution Technology Support Centre: email or call us at 1-800-667-4266

I’ve clicked the link with my confirmation email, but it’s giving me an error message. What should I do?

The activation email link is only valid for 15 minutes. If you use the link to activate your account outside of that 15-minute window, you’ll see an error message saying: “Sorry, this link isn’t active anymore”.

It’s important to activate your Advisor Manulife ID right away. If you don’t, you’ll have to start the process again.

I’m getting a message saying I’m locked out of my account. What should I do?

This happens after you try to sign in a few times with the wrong password. To unlock your account, click Forgot your password. A one-time passcode will be sent to you either through mobile text (if you set this up) or email.

I didn’t receive a one-time passcode. What do I do?

  1. Check your junk and spam folders to see if the code was accidentally sent there.
  2. Make sure you’re connected to the internet.

Tip: If you requested multiple verification passwords, only the newest one works. A one-time password expires in 15 minutes.

How do I change my Advisor Manulife ID username or password?

When you sign into your Advisor Manulife ID (and before you choose your account), go to Profile → Manulife ID. This is where you manage your Advisor Manulife ID. That includes updating your email and mobile number, changing your username or password, or updating the personal information you use with your Advisor Manulife ID.

What happens if I forget my Advisor Manulife ID username or password?

 Just select Forgot your username? or Forgot your password? on the sign in page. 

  • Your Advisor Manulife ID

    What’s changing

    Advisor Manulife ID is the only sign in credential you’ll need to access Repsource beginning November 22.

    Tips to manage change

    • Set up your Advisor Manulife ID and link your Repsource profile now if you haven’t already done so. Once you’ve completed setting up your ID, choose the Repsource option from the Sign In menu at the top right corner of the page to access Repsource without signing in again.
    • Ensure that you have access to the email address associated with your Repsource account. If you don’t have access, email and we’ll help update your email address.
    • Here’s how you can recover your username and/or reset your password for your Advisor Manulife ID, if you need to.
  • Linking your Repsource profile to your Advisor Manulife ID

    What’s changing

    Your Repsource profile must be linked to your Advisor Manulife ID for uninterrupted access beginning November 22.

    Tips to manage change

    Here’s how to check if your Repsource profile is linked to your Advisor Manulife ID:

    • Go to the Advisor Manulife ID sign in page and enter your username and password.
    • If you’ve already linked your Repsource profile, you’ll go directly to the Advisor Portal homepage. Choose Repsource from the Sign in menu to be redirected to Repsource. 
    • If you’re yet to link your Repsource profile, you’ll be prompted with a screen asking if you have an active Repsource account. Choose Yes and follow the steps to complete the linking process.
  • Existing bookmarked links within Repsource

    What’s changing

    Beginning November 22, some Repsource bookmarks you’ve created might not function as expected.

    Tips to manage change

    Before you access any bookmark, ensure to sign in to Repsource with your Advisor Manulife ID. Once you’re signed in, you can go back to the bookmark and access the link without the need to sign in again.

    You can still create new bookmarks for your favourite/frequently used pages and PDF(s) on Repsource. Here’s how:

    1. Navigate to any page you would like to bookmark. 
    2. Click the “Add to Repsource Bookmarks” icon below the main menu bar, beside the “Print” icon. 
    3. You’ve successfully created your bookmark and its directly accessible from your Repsource homepage.

    If you’ve saved any Repsource applications as favourites on your browser, you will need to re-save these shortcuts.

  • Resource links on Manulife Investment Management website

    What’s changing

    Clicking on the resource links will take you to the Advisor Manulife ID page for authentication.

    Tips to manage change

    To get single sign-on access, ensure to sign in with your Advisor Manulife ID before you access resources. Once you’ve signed in, you can go back to the link on the website and click again to be directed to its destination.

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