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Now, more than ever, your clients are looking for consistent, reliable returns to reach their goals. Consider the Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund. The Fund seeks to provide a combination of income and capital appreciation. And now, a 2021 Lipper Award winner.


Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund is managed by the Manulife Essential Equity Team. The team analyzes all companies and each of them are viewed under the same fundamental proprietary lens, using a scalable and repeatable process driven by the team's fundamental beliefs, which have not changed since the team's founding in 1996. The team's focus is on creating a high returning conglomerate portfolio consisting of diversified businesses to ensure that revenue and earnings come from many different sources. As a result, no single event will have a large negative impact on the portfolio. This portfolio is constructed using a fundamental, value based lens selecting primarily U.S. dividend paying businesses and multi sector fixed income securities. The portfolio managers focus on selecting businesses, which in aggregate have high and stable profitability, minimal financial leverage and are priced at an attractive valuation. The fund is targeted to clients looking for a fixed monthly income source with the growth potential of one the world’s largest equity markets.

Who is this fund for?

The fund may be suitable for investors who:

  • Are seeking monthly income
  • Are looking for potential capital growth
  • Are willing to accept a low to medium level of investment risk
  • Are investing for the medium to long term

A proven history of performance

Since its inception in 2013, the Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund has produced a return of 8.29%. Currently, this fund has an overall 5-star rating from Morningstar¹.

Series F – Performance as at May 31, 2022


1 year

3 years

5 years

Since Inception²

Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund

-16.75% -2.15%




Category Avg Return³












Important disclosure

1 Performance as of May 31, 2022. Series F. Source of monthly fund performance provided by Past performance is not indicative of future results

2 Inception date: December 24, 2013. Returns in C$ as of May 31, 2022. Series F is generally designed for investors who have a fee-based or wrap account with their dealer. Series F performance is net of fees and expenses. Advisor Series is also available and includes a 0.50% trailing commission.

3 Category refers to Global Neutral Balanced category

4 Outperformance refers to the fund returns compared with Global Neutral Balanced category average returns.

Get to know the team and other featured funds they manage

Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund is currently managed by Manulife essential equity team, led by Alan Wicks.

We are thrilled to see two funds recognized this year - the Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund and the Manulife Canadian Balanced Fund. On behalf of the Manulife Investment Management Canadian leadership team, I’d like to congratulate Conrad Dabiet, Lead Portfolio Manager, and the Manulife Essential Equity Team, along with Greg Peterson, Portfolio Manager with our subadvisor, Mawer Investment Management, for this prestigious recognition. Helping make decisions easier and lives better for our advisors and investors, is what motivates our teams to go above and beyond in their approach to managing our funds.”

- Leo Zerilli, Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Manulife Investment Management, Canada

Another 2021 Lipper Award winner

Manulife Canadian Balanced Fund (capped to all new purchases as of March 28, 2013), managed by our subadvisor Mawer Investment Management Ltd., was awarded the 2021 Lipper Fund Award in the Canadian Neutral Balanced category out of a total of 48 funds for the 10-year period ending July 31, 2021. The fund provides diversification across all major asset classes. The equity selection process is based on Mawer's disciplined, fundamentally based bottom-up research process, which includes a strong focus on downside protection. Within fixed income, the fund will take a core position in Canadian government debt.

Important disclosure

Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund - series F was awarded the 2021 Lipper Fund Award in the Global Neutral Balanced category for the 3 year period out of a total of 161 funds ending July 31, 2021. Performance for the fund for the period ended May 31, 2022 is -2.15% (1 year), 8.65% (3 years), 7.96% (5 years) and 8.29% (since inception on December 24, 2013). Performance for Global Neutral Balanced category for the same period is -3.79% (1 year), 3.99% (3 years), and 3.47% (5 years). The corresponding Lipper Leader ratings of the fund for the same period are as follows: N/A (1 year), 5 (3 years) [1629 funds], 5 (5 years) [1325 funds].

Performance for Manulife Canadian Balanced Fund – series F ended May 31, 2022 is -1.57% (1 year), 5.21% (3 years), 5.02 % (5 years), 8.27% (10 years) and 8.37% (since inception on August 19, 2010). Performance for Canadian Neutral Balanced category for the same period is 0.06% (1 year), 5.29% (3 years), 4.21% (5 years) and 5.72% (10 years). The corresponding Lipper Leader ratings for the fund for the same period are as follows: N/A (1year), 3 (3 years) [498 funds], 4 (5 years) [465 funds], 5 (10 years) [294 funds].

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