Systematic equity beta

Based in Toronto, ON, the team works closely with one another while they leverage the vast global resources of Manulife Investment Management. This includes credit research, actuarial science and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports.

Experience and capabilities

Deep experience meets ETFs

For over 20 years, our professionals have built a reputation by delivering custom index-based solutions with a focus on research, discipline and efficient execution. This focus has led to over $64 billion in retail and institutional assets under management for clients across Canada, the U.S. and Asia.1


A focused perspective

Research and a rigorous process that drive core functions which lead to client-focused investment solutions.

  • Quantitative research
  • Equity market research
  • Dividend screening
  • Factor optimization
  • Efficient trading

Investment management team

Operating efficiently, and maintaining a disciplined and repeatable process, is at the core of what the team does. Here are the investment professionals behind the process.

Serge Lapierre, FSA, FCIA

Global Head Liability-Driven Investments (LDI), Financial Engineering and Quantitative Research

Geoff Kelley, CFA 

Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Strategic Asset Allocation and Systematic Equity Beta

Brett Hryb, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager, Systematic Equity Beta

Ashikhusein Shahpurwala, CFA, PRM

Senior Portfolio Manager

Boncana Maiga, CFA, CIM

Portfolio Manager

Allison Greenspan

Senior Analyst
Began career: 2009

Jenny Kim, CFA

Senior Analyst
Began career: 2011

Marco Leung, CFA

Senior Analyst
Began career: 2012

Investment process


The quality dividend screen is at the foundation of the Manulife Smart Dividend ETFs. The criteria and metrics that are applied to each investment decision ensures that the ETFs maintain a consistent focus—to invest in companies with stable and growing dividends.

Posed as questions, below is the quality dividend screen the team uses when making buy, sell, or hold decisions within each ETF. The result is an efficient and scalable ETF.

  1. Is the stock liquid?
  2. Is the dividend amount sustainable, based on business performance?
  3. Compared to earnings, is the dividend payout sustainable?
  4. Can the dividend grow over time?
  5. Is the dividend yield attractive compared to competitors?

To determine the allocation of the stocks in the ETF, the team considers four factors they believe drive better risk-adjusted returns. 

The four factors are:

  1. Quality
  2. Momentum
  3. Value
  4. Yield

Based on the outcome of their proprietary model, a weight is assigned to each stock in the ETF.

The first step in the process is Quality Dividend Screen; which is a systematic screening of a universe of stocks to find quality dividend paying companies. The second step is optimization; which is understanding the characteristics of the companies and selecting the most desirable stocks. The result is a smart dividend ETF; an efficient execution to minimize tax and trading costs.
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The finishing touches

Keys to efficient portfolio management: 

  • Keep trading costs low when buying and selling, e.g., bulk trading, 
  • Reduce turnover, when possible, e.g., avoid unnecessary trading, 
  • Put cash to use, e.g., when new money flows into the fund, put it to use,
  • and a tracking error monitoring system with targets well-inside of each ETFs performance threshold.
What makes the smart dividend ETF efficient and scalable is the rigorous cash management program and a tracking error monitoring system.
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Manulife Smart Dividend ETF

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Manulife Smart U.S. Dividend ETF

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Source: Manulife Investment Management as of June 30, 2021.

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