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Investors today face a unique combination of challenges—but they don’t have to face them alone. To build portfolios that can survive—and thrive—through times like these, it’s critical to have the right investment solutions at your disposal, and trusted partners to guide you. Let us show you some of the resilient solutions powering today’s investors.

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Frances Donald

Frances Donald,  Global Chief Economist and Strategist, Multi-Asset Solutions Team Manulife Investment Management

Frances Donald breaks down the challenges investors are facing and the potential solutions that can help mitigate them.

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Volatility is on the rise

Markets are in choppy waters, but being diversified across sectors, asset classes, and regions can help right the ship.

Where to turn in volatile times ...

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in any market.

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What's market volatility and the VIX?

If there’s one thing investors know for sure about financial markets, it’s that they’re unpredictable. This means that market volatility is unavoidable, and the first step towards better dealing with volatility is to understand what it is and how it can affect your portfolio. Here’s what you need to know.
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Fed hiked rates and equity markets are in bear territory—what now?

The S&P 500 Index entered bear market territory on Monday, June 13, on the back of persistently high inflation and belief that the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise rates high and fast to get it under control and perhaps causing a recession. What does this mean?
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Why invest in real assets?

Institutional investors have long valued diversified real assets to help build portfolio resilience. Now, ever-growing numbers of investors are also looking at real assets to aid their path to net zero.
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High inflation is eroding real returns

Inflation is on everyone's minds—and portfolios. But it also presents opportunities for some companies and assets.

Where to turn in inflationary times ...

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U.S. mid caps: look in the middle for diversification opportunities

While U.S. mid caps have many appealing characteristics, such as profitability, growth prospects, strong historical returns, and pricing power, we’d argue that one of their greatest benefits is diversification. We explain why.
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Inflation’s impact on retirement portfolios: quantifying the future cost today

Small increases in inflation can have outsized consequences for retirees’ portfolios. How do you plan for retirement in a new inflation reality? We quantify how much rising prices can impact investors’ retirement plans, and the changes that can be made to increase the odds of reaching their goals.
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Dull, boring, repetitive … the investment case for high-quality dividend growers

High-quality dividend growers are important allocations for risk-adjusted returns. And high-quality dividend payers and growers perform well prior to, during, and after recessions, such as the 1990–91,, and Global Financial Crisis recessions.
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Five reasons why U.S. inflation is likely to worsen

We had expected prices pressure in the United States to begin to ease after hitting a peak in February or March; however, the spike in food and energy prices as a result of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine means that prices could remain elevated for longer.
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How does inflation affect my investment portfolio?

The impact of inflation is easily noticed when it hits your wallet, but rising prices can also hurt retirement savings. How does inflation impact investment portfolios in the long run? We discuss the three main ways that inflation can harm retirement and investment portfolios in the long-run.
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Interest rates are heading higher

Interest rates are on the rise, but different types of rates respond differently in times like this, leaving the door open for active and flexible strategies to take advantage.

Where to turn in times of rising rates ...

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The bumpy bond road

Fixed-income markets have been going down a rocky road this year. Roshan Thiru, Head of Canadian Fixed Income, joins the Capital Markets Strategy team to discuss bond activity and yields, record-high inflation and its effects on fixed-income investments, the Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund, and more.
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What is quantitative tightening and why it matters

The Fed is poised to announce plans to begin quantitative tightening soon. We examine how markets reacted the last time the U.S. central bank moved to reduce the size of its balance sheet.
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Fed rate-tightening—interest rates are going up

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced a 0.25% increase in interest rates—the first increase since 2018, signalling what looks like the start of a rate-tightening cycle. What can we expect from S&P 500 Index returns, given this recent move by the Fed?
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