Creating value through the sustainable management of natural resources

As the world’s largest natural capital investment manager,¹ we have over 30 years of experience demonstrating a commitment to the stewardship of our land and the communities in which we operate. In 2021, Hancock Natural Resource Group adopted the Manulife Investment Management brand. As Manulife Investment Management, we continue to be good stewards on behalf of our clients, employees, and the environment.

How we operate in your community 

We provide employment opportunities, public use of our land, engage with nongovernmental organizations, and support local causes as part of our community stewardship. 

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Our property management

Our guiding philosophy is that good stewardship is good business, and our vertically integrated platforms ensure deployment of best management practices on the land we manage.

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Recreation licenses 

We manage millions of acres of land sustainably across the United States and around the world. Many of the properties under our management provide recreational opportunities to license holders, including hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping.


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We work collaboratively with industry peers and nonprofit organizations to develop new industrywide sustainability and reporting standards.

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Important disclosures

1 IPE research, as of January 29, 2024. Ranking is based on total natural capital assets under management (AUM), which include forestry/timberland and agriculture/farmland AUM. Firms were asked to provide AUM and the as of dates vary from December 31, 2022, to December 31, 2023.

Our sustainability platform

Manulife Investment Management is committed to the sustainable management of timberland and agriculture investments. We manage our assets as good stewards of the land, the environment, our people, and the communities where we operate.

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Are you an institutional investor? 

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Fully integrated, global, sustainable timberland investment solutions across a variety of tree species, age classes, and geographies

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Customized, vertically integrated, sustainable agricultural investment solutions across a variety of commodity types and geographies

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Are you an institutional investor looking for our latest research on timberland and agriculture?  

Research is crucial to all phases of our investment process, and proprietary and collaborative research underpins our investment decisions. We regularly produce research documents to educate potential investors, while keeping our investors informed of topics that may be relevant to their portfolio.