What we do

As a responsible steward of timberland and farmland, and a producer of sustainable food, fiber, and solid wood products, we’re committed to conducting our business in a way that improves our environment, nourishes our communities, and empowers our people.

Good stewardship is good business!


Since the inception of our business, our commitment to sustainability has been a core guiding principle embedded in our operations. Long-term experience operating timberland and farmland assets has shaped and refined our ability to manage sustainably over extended time horizons. 

In 2021, Hancock Natural Resource Group adopted the Manulife Investment Management brand. As Manulife Investment Management, we continue to be good stewards on behalf of our clients, employees, and the environment.  


Our business directly contributes to solutions to address pressing environmental and social challenges. Timberland and agriculture can play a profound role in providing solutions for climate change, nature loss, water scarcity, and rising inequality.

Climate change

Forests and farms can act as a significant carbon sink and sound management enables carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change. We create carbon sequestration opportunities and invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Nature loss

Healthy ecosystems provide immense value to the vitality of communities and economies: We operate in a way that responsibly manages land and protects sensitive lands and biodiversity.

Water scarcity

Protecting and improving watersheds is vital for the ecosystems and communities that depend on them. We protect sensitive lands, adhere to strict water and land management policies, and focus on efficiency to avoid waste.

Rising inequality

We’re committed to fostering sustainable practices while supporting and strengthening local and indigenous communities. We provide employment opportunities, engage with nongovernmental organizations, and support local causes as part of our community stewardship.

Our role in the community

We conduct our business in accordance with leading industry standards and certification systems. We do this to maintain the long-term health and productivity of our properties and preserve and enhance the quality of the environment and local communities.

Community prosperity

The production of crops and timber can provide rewarding employment in rural communities and supports and strengthens the local and indigenous communities where we operate.

People empowerment

We value our people, employees, and contractors and work to ensure that we're offering not only safe and healthy working environments but the tools, training, and support they need to thrive.


We have over 5.5 million acres of forestland and 71,000 acres of farmland open to unrestricted public access and recreational opportunities to the communities in which we operate.

Data as of December 31, 2022. For more information, see our 2022 timberland and agriculture sustainability reports.

Nearly 40 years of experience managing natural resources


  1. 1985

    Hancock Timber Resource Group (HTRG) is established in Boston, MA

  2. 1990

    Hancock Agricultural Investment Group (HAIG) is established in Boston, MA

  3. 1995

    Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG) is established; HTRG and HAIG become divisions of HNRG

  4. 1999

    HNRG Australia is formed

  5. 2002

    Hancock Forest Management is formed

  6. 2004

    Manulife Financial acquires John Hancock and HNRG

  7. 2014

    Hancock Farmland Services is launched

  8. 2015

    Natural resource business celebrate 30ᵗʰ anniversary

  9. 2017

    Manulife Farmland Services Canada is launched Hancock Farmland Services Australia is launched

  10. 2020

    Hancock Forestal Agrícola is launched

  11. 2021

    Hancock Natural Resource Group adopts the Manulife Investment Management brand

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