Guaranteed Interest Accounts

Introducing the power of two: Access Guaranteed Interest Accounts (GIAs) and segregated funds in one contract. Available now with GIF Select InvestmentPlus and MPIP Segregated Pools.

Introducing the power of two: Security for your investment, flexibility and peace of mind for you

Sometimes the most important thing of all is safety. If that’s what you’re looking for, consider GIAs or a Daily Interest Account (DIA). You’ll get the security of competitive rates that have no exposure to the market, and access to additional benefits that are only available from insurance companies. Plus, you’ll get the power of two: If you’re looking for growth potential, you’ll also have the ability to easily move your investment to a segregated fund with the growth potential of the markets when that’s what you’re looking for.1 Available in MPIP Segregated Pools and GIF Select InvestmentPlus.

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How you benefit

Guaranteed Interest Account (GIA)

One-month term One-year to 10-year terms

Earn a specified, guaranteed interest rate for your chosen term. Compound interest and monthly simple interest options available

Plan maturity dates to line up with future investment plans, expenditures, or lifestyle changes.

Your money is available to you at any time – when you need it.¹

Daily Interest Account (DIA) A short-term option that provides easy access to your investment without fees.  A convenient place to “park” your investment while you take time to make investment decisions.
  • The power of two: One contract lets you hold GIAs, the DIA, and segregated funds, and reports information in a consolidated statement. 
  • Security: No market exposure means your GIA or DIA investment is protected from market volatility.
  • Flexibility: Easily move between segregated funds and your GIAs or DIA1 — a useful feature as your financial needs change, or during periods of volatility. 
  • Choice: You can hold segregated funds and GIAs/a DIA in two of our contracts. Learn more about MPIP Segregated Pools and GIF Select InvestmentPlus.
  • Estate planning benefits: Designed to help transfer wealth to heirs quickly, privately,2 and cost-effectively.
  • Potential creditor protection3 to help protect your personal assets from creditors.
  • Potential tax advantages for non-registered accounts:  Age 65 or older? Interest from your non-registered GIA may qualify for the annual pension income tax credit. Accrued interest from your GIA or DIA may also be an eligible source of pension income for purposes of income splitting. You can learn more about potential tax advantages here and here.
  • Volume bonus: Qualify for a volume bonus to increase the interest rate for your GIA investment, depending on the amount you invest. This bonus doesn't include the value of any segregated funds you hold or a DIA.

Estate planning advantages of GIAs

Settling an estate can be lengthy, frequently taking months or even years, if the will is challenged. With a named beneficiary other than the estate, death benefit proceeds of your GIA can pass directly to the beneficiary and avoid delays.

Legal, estate administration, and probate3 erode the value of an estate, diminishing the amount of money beneficiaries receive. The proceeds of your GIA can bypass these fees.

Bypassing the estate, and therefore probate where applicable, can preserve confidentiality as probate is a matter of public record. Payments made to named beneficiaries of a GIA don’t flow through the estate and are therefore a private matter.3

Use the annuity settlement option to automatically transfer proceeds at the time of death into an annuity. Replace a lump-sum benefit with smaller, scheduled payments while savings of legal, estate administration and probate fees, increased privacy, and potential creditor protection.

Estate cost comparison tool

For a customized report that shows the estate planning benefits of insurance-based investment products, try the estate cost comparison tool.

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Legacy GICs

Manulife Investment GIC Rates

Closed to new contracts on October 21, 2022

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Manulife Investments Guaranteed Interest Contracts (GICs)

GICs from Manulife Investment Management offer very competitive rates. In addition, a Manulife Investments GIC provides insurance company benefits, such as tax advantages for non-registered contracts, the ability to pass on money tax free to beneficiaries, and potential creditor protection

Available in the GIF Select InvestmentPlus and MPIP Segregated Pools contracts. Withdrawals, fund switches, and/or transfers between investment options may be subject to fees and charges, result in tax consequences, and impact segregated fund guarantees. 2 In Saskatchewan jointly held property and insurance policies with a named beneficiary are included on the application for probate but do not flow through the estate and are not subject to probate fees. 3 In certain circumstances, you can protect your contract from unforeseen bankruptcy by designating a preferred class beneficiary. Since there are some circumstances where creditor protection may not apply, you should consult a legal advisor to find out if you’re eligible for this protection. 4 Surrender charges may apply if withdrawals are made prior to the maturity date. 

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