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Get started with the Manulife Mobile app.

Your group retirement program makes saving easy—Manulife Mobile makes it even easier

Simply download the Manulife Mobile app from your favourite app store, and no matter where you happen to be—the bus, the couch, or the cottage—when your savings are on your mind, they’re also in your pocket. 

4.4 star rating from customers like you*

Wondering what Manulife Mobile can do?

It can keep you in touch with your savings and on track for your future.

Take a look

  • Plan details
  • Savings totals
  • Investment returns
  • Activity and contribution history
  • Plan and learn library

Take action

  • Set up your Manulife ID (What’s a Manulife ID?)
  • Add a new bank account to your profile
  • Make a lump-sum contribution to your RRSP
  • Send us documents quickly and securely
  • Sign up for paperless statements
  • Book a meeting with your PlanRight advisor

Sometimes, spending time with your favourite device can be good for you

  • Make lump-sum contributions

    If you’ve given us your banking info, and your plan allows it, you can put money in your RRSP whenever you want and wherever you happen to be.

  • Check or add your banking info

    Want to check which bank account we have on file or add a new one to your profile? Hop on the app and you can do both.

  • Get expert financial advice

    Whatever your goals may be, if your group retirement program offers PlanRight advice, you’ve got a partner to help you reach them.

  • Explore the plan and learn resource library

    Full of educational videos, engaging viewpoints, helpful calculators, and more—we help you save for your goals, and define your retirement.

Are you a Manulife group benefits member?

Connect Manulife Mobile to your group benefits plan to submit your claims, check your balances, access your benefits card, and more.

What's next for Manulife Mobile?


We’re always thinking up new features to give you even more reason to love the app.

Watch for these in 2023

  • Move your money between funds

  • Contribute your workplace bonus to your plan**

  • Check or change your beneficiaries

* Manulife Mobile's rating on the App Store.

** If your plan allows.