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Federal budget 2024: Highlights for retirement industry professionals

The 2024 Federal budget was tabled on April 16. We’ve summarized the issues and proposed changes most relevant to financial advisors, consultants, and plan sponsors.

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Navigating the Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) Guidelines 

If you have a role in setting up and managing a retirement savings plan in Canada, the CAP Guidelines provide you with a framework for best practices.

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Stress, finances, and well-being: driving behaviours that matter

Our third annual survey of Canadian workers reveals how they’re coping in this economic climate—and the support that makes a difference.

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Five macroeconomic themes for 2024

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Canada’s 2024 outlook: what’s in store?

Discover the outlook for labour, housing, and more

The 2024 U.S. election and your portfolio: considerations for long- and short-term investors

Explore the impact of elections on market volatility

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i-Watch can help you invest responsibly through our exclusive fund selection and monitoring process

Looking to have access to up-to-date retirement funds for your plan members? Manulife’s i-Watch program can help ensure that your group savings plan has high-quality investment options for your members. Gain confidence in your portfolio selection with i-Watch.

Manulife target-date funds: helping members achieve long-term financial security

In 2023, we launched the Manulife Retirement Date Index+ Fund suite, adding a new price point to our offerings? We also provided thought leadership on how target-date funds can help members weather market volatility.

Discover how you can add our ready-to-use personalized member communications to boost your existing communication strategy.

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Federal budget 2024 highlights

We’ve reviewed the budget and compiled a summary of the key highlights we think are most important for sponsors, consultants, and financial advisors.
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