Getting started

Get your group retirement program working for you—start saving early to increase your chances of retiring comfortably later.

You’re just starting to save

This might even be the first group retirement program you’ve ever joined. How can you make it work for you and all your goals—including the ones that aren’t all about retiring?

Time is your best friend—even if retirement’s a long way off, start saving now!

Something to think about

  • Set your goals

  • Make saving a habit

  • Start small

  • Pay down your debt

  • Get to know your group retirement program

  • Commit to learning

Haven’t joined your group retirement program yet?

Start with the information you got to help you join—it could have been a paper guide, a digital guide, or even a website. Get started
  • Follow the link you’ve been given

    to join now and start saving!

  • Sign in often

    to keep everything up to date, make extra contributions, and watch your savings grow.

  • Bookmark this site

    to keep building your knowledge about saving, investing, and staying financially fit.

  • Download the Manulife Mobile app

    to learn, plan, and save all on the go.

Get to know your program

You’re at the start of your working life and your group retirement savings journey. Learn about the different plans, then check the information you got to help you join to see which ones are available to you. 

Explore group retirement savings plans

Even a small amount can make a big difference

See how adding a bit more to the amount you save each month can add a lot more to the amount you have to spend each month in retirement.

Try the contribution calculator

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