It's about time

Our program addresses the important role time plays in achieving the retirement a member has in mind. "It’s about time" delivers relevant messages and resources right when members need them most—keeping your retirement program front and centre and top of mind.

Program overview

Your members already have access to one of the smartest and easiest ways to save for their future—your group retirement program. Our member engagement program, "It’s about time," motivates them to make the most of it. "It’s about time" repackages our most meaningful and successful communications, materials, and resources with fresh tactics and personalization to help ensure the success of your retirement program—for you and your members.


Supporting members during their first year with us, with nudges to take action to set up their Manulife ID, set a retirement income goal, download Manulife Mobile, and consolidate their savings

Financial wellness

Educating members with targeted guidance about their competing financial priorities and all the tools and resources your program offers to help them navigate their financial concerns

Retirement goals

Motivating members to improve their retirement strategy with easy action steps, such as setting goals and naming their beneficiaries, based on their individual needs

Member onboarding experience

We support every new member with a series of emails highlighting the features and resources that your program offers to help them save and make the most of their options.


Members get a warm welcome to Manulife and their group retirement program.

Welcome email

Manulife Mobile app

Members are encouraged to learn, plan, and save—all on the go—with our highly rated mobile app.

Mobile app email

Combining retirement accounts—coming soon

Members learn that they can enjoy lower fees, greater rewards, and a bit more time back in their days by consolidating all their savings here at Manulife—one website, one sign in, one group retirement program. 

Consolidation email

Member touchpoints

To deliver our program’s campaign messaging, we use data-driven, targeted, and timely digital messaging and education events that engage and motivate your members. "It’s about time" focuses on three key touchpoints.

Financial well-being quarterly

A digital newsletter supporting members’ retirement readiness and general financial wellness—delivered to their inboxes every three months

Member outreach

Targeted and segmented messaging that provides personalized nudges through email to help improve members’ planning strategies and overall retirement goals

Live webinars1

A series of live sessions, hosted by our financial education specialists, that provide education and guidance members can put to work right away

1 Availability is subject to data residency restrictions.

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Important disclosures

Messaging is tailored to members based on age (under or over age 45), plan status, and other factors. Not all members will receive all messages.

Quarter 1

Build a better you

It’s the start of a new year—no better time for your members to set their financial priorities and retirement goals and come up with a plan to reach them.



Financial well-being quarterly


  • Preparing for tax season
  • How saving more can lower the tax you have to pay (RRSP-eligible members only)
RRSP email Goal-setting email



Member outreach


  • RRSPs: how saving more can lower the tax you have to pay (For RRSP-eligible members only)
  • Webinar invite: Taxes and your retirement income/Tax planning strategies (age-based promotion)
RRSP email RRSP email with advice Promotional webinar email under 45 Promotional webinar email over 45
Quarter 2

You’ve got this: tax season 2024

The demands of tax season can be distracting for any member. We put the focus where it counts—on what to expect, when to expect it, and how to make the most of all the options.



Financial well-being quarterly


  • Your tax receipts: what to expect and when
  • Tax planning
  • How investments are taxed
Under 45 45 and over



Member outreach


  • Webinar invite: Estate planning basics
Quarter 3

Spending and saving habits—on the go

Even on vacation, your members can stay connected to their savings, their goals, and their future.



Financial well-being quarterly


  • Learn, plan, and save—even on the go—with Manulife Mobile
  • How to vacation on a budget
  • A few words from your advisor (PlanRight members only)



Member outreach


  • Setting goals for your savings and retirement income
  • Naming beneficiaries
Quarter 4

Financial literacy for overall wellness

Building financial literacy helps your members make informed decisions to improve their financial health and ease their stress.



Financial well-being quarterly


  • Make retirement planning easier—consolidate
  • Looking ahead: market trends
  • Navigating investment risk and your financial priorities
  • A few words from your advisor (PlanRight members only)



Member outreach


  • Webinar invite: Taking the stress out of money

Advocacy campaigns

We're all about building amazing partnerships and that includes working with you to boost the effectiveness of your group retirement program and the financial success for your members.

Build a better you


Share 2024 planning and goal-setting tips with your members.

Building a better you - Under 45 flyer Building a better you - Over 45 flyer Building a better you - Video

Smart money moves


Help your members identify and address their financial concerns and priorities.

Smart money moves flyer Smart money moves presentation

Investing for the long term


Help your members learn to tune out market noise and stay focused on their long-term financial goals.


Holiday break

Resources to help members understand key financial wellness topics

Check out these resources and more available through "Educate your members" in the secure sponsor site.