Your responsibilities as a member

Learn about what a capital accumulation plan is and what your rights and responsibilities are as a member.

Did you know you’re a member of a capital accumulation plan?


A capital accumulation plan (CAP) is any tax-assisted group investment or savings plan—such as your group RPP, RRSP, TFSA, or DPSP—that allows you to decide between two or more investment options offered within the plan. 

CAP guidelines help plan sponsors, service providers, and members understand their rights and responsibilities and make sure members like you get what you need to make responsible investment decisions.

  • As a CAP member

    You'll need to:

    • Identify any errors in your personal data
    • Decide how much money you want to put in your plan
    • Choose the funds you want to invest in
    • Regularly review your choices to make sure they still suit your goals
    • Use the information and decision-making tools your plan offers

The guidelines also recommend that you consider getting investment advice from a licensed financial advisor

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