Advisors do that.

Life is predictable. Until it’s not. When the unexpected happens, planning for the future means doing things differently. That’s why Manulife Investment Management supports financial professionals as they help clients get through unique circumstances, even in the most unpredictable times.

Your clients count on you

Facing the unexpected takes the expertise of a financial professional to help plan for whatever comes along. That’s why we support advisors, so they can deliver the best for their clients.

Advisor stories

Life happens — sometimes unpredictably. See how these advisors came through for their clients when life events occurred.

The farm

See how one advisor helped a family for generations to come.

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The baby

For one advisor, his clients’ desire to grow their family brought new challenges.

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The father

An advisor goes above and beyond to help her client’s family during a difficult time.

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Advice matters

Advisors can make a big difference to investors’ success. Whether things are going well or if times get tough, advisors can use their knowledge, discipline, and experience to guide clients’ investment plans and help clients make the best decisions for different situations.

In this video and Financial Independence Hub article, Bernard Letendre, Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Canada at Manulife Investment Management, talks about how advice does matter for reaching investment goals and helping investors get the results they want. 

Advice matters: Here’s why How’s that robo advice working out?

Two new independent studies confirm the value of having financial advice. They show that the discipline offered by an advisor has a direct positive effect on investments and household savings, compared to households without an advisor.

Saving for the Future The Gamma Factors and the Value of Financial Advice

You can count on us

Manulife Investment Management provides more than just investment results. We offer hands-on expertise, as well as information based on detailed market research, to go beyond — to help advisors get the best possible outcome for their clients.

Capital Markets Strategy

From market and economic analysis to investor education, the team analyzes and interprets the economy and markets with expertise spanning across multiple asset classes and geographic regions.

Tax, Retirement, and Estate Planning 

Navigating the complex world of taxation, retirement, and estate planning, the team helps deliver customized solutions for investors.

Behavioural economics

As an advisor, unique insights from behavioural economics can help you guide your clients’ investment decisions through good times and not-so-good times. Knowing what drives investor behaviour, especially when life gets difficult, can be invaluable to your clients and your business.

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