Retirement planning made easy—all your savings in one place

Learn how easy it can be to consolidate your retirement savings and simplify your every day.

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One website, one sign in—one less thing on your to-do list


How easy is it to keep track of your retirement savings? An RRSP at one bank, a TFSA at another, a small collection of group pension plans—there’s no limit to how many accounts you can have, or how much time you can spend keeping them all straight. 

Consolidating means gathering your savings—from all your financial institutions—and pulling them together, here at Manulife.  

You just might find yourself enjoying lower fees, greater rewards, and a bit more time back in your day. 

Retirement planning can be easier. Let us help you pull it all together. 


Talk to us about consolidating

Let us know you’re interested, and we’ll reply within 3 business days.


We help you pull it all together 

We’ll guide you through gathering what you need and filling out a few forms.


Click Submit and leave the rest to us

Submit your signed forms to us, then sit back, relax, and we’ll let you know when it’s done!  

How consolidating makes your retirement planning easier 

One website, one sign in

The big picture is finally in focus. Track and manage all your savings on just one website.

Just one you—just one Manulife ID. Your Manulife ID is your single, secure username and password for everything you have with us.

One less thing on your to-do list

No more trying to tackle it all. No more trying to find your way around multiple plans, online accounts, processes, and procedures.

We’ve got you. All the support, features, and advice you love about your group retirement plan, and more.

Easier on your family

Consolidate with your spouse. Spouses can join a Manulife group plan, too, bringing your savings together in one place.

Help your loved ones find your money. Consolidating makes it easier for your loved ones if they ever need to find their way around your finances. 

Easier on your wallet

Group savings can mean lower fees. Group retirement plan fees are usually lower than you’d pay investing on your own.  

Saving more in one place can mean lower fees and greater rewards. Having more money in one financial institution can qualify you for lower fees or even a savings bonus.

FAQs about making retirement planning easier

  • Step 1
    • Click Talk to us about consolidating, fill out the next screen to let us know you’re interested, and click Submit.
  • Step 2
    • We’ll email you—at the address you give us—within 3 business days to set up a time to talk. 
    • During our chat, we’ll learn more about you and your savings. And we’ll help you fill out the transfer forms, giving you as much or as little guidance as you need.
    • If you need it, we’ll help you sign on and use our Send documents feature, so you can submit everything to us online.
  • Step 3
    • We’ll make sure your forms are in order and coordinate the transfer with your other financial institutions.
    • We’ll set up any new plans you need and make sure everything is connected to your Manulife ID.
    • We’ll let you know when it’s all ready to go!

You sure can! If you’d rather submit your consolidation request without our help, that’s totally fine. You can consolidate money from outside Manulife, as well as money from other plans and accounts within Manulife. Here’s how to begin:

Step 1

Check your plan rules to make sure you can move money into a specific plan.

Step 2 

Fill out a transfer authorization for registered investments form for the plan you want to put money in.

Here’s how to choose the right form:

Step 3

Send the form to the company that manages the plan you’re moving money out of. They’ll let you know what you’ll need to do next.

To consolidate your savings, you need the account details and savings totals for all the plans and accounts you want to consolidate. To make it simple, collect your most recent statement for each plan or account and have them with you when you chat with us. 

There’s no limit on the number of plans or the amount of money you can consolidate into your Manulife group plans. You can consolidate money from outside Manulife, as well as money from other plans and accounts within Manulife. You can move locked-in money, as well as registered and nonregistered money. We can help you understand how.

Consolidating often takes about 4 to 6 weeks from beginning to end, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. The exact amount of time depends on a few things, including how many different plans and financial institutions you save with today. 

Yes! Check out Manulife Mobile, getting advice, and our Steps Retirement Program™ (sign in for this one!) for more great ways to make retirement planning easier and life a little simpler.

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