Market volatility toolkit

Helping your clients navigate volatility

Market volatility affects us all

Rates are on the rise. Inflation hasn’t backed down. Europe is in conflict. Investors needs to be reassured that they’re on the right path to long-term success. Read on for our expert takes on global markets, tools to empower your clients, and the strategies at your disposal to help investors navigate volatile markets.

Lessons from the past

It took the S&P 500 five months to recover the ground lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.  When the next downturn comes, what will your clients do?

Down 35% from peak to trough in 24 days and 5 months to breakeven

Source: Bloomberg and Manulife Investment Management Capital Markets Strategy. As of August 21, 2020

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. The index is unmanaged and cannot be purchased directly by investors.

Understanding volatility

Insights to help you understand the current market conditions and build better portfolios.

Learn from our experts how recent events are impacting global markets:

Time to deliver: Three-minute macro

Delivery times for products are improving, which should help ease inflation pressures. But a hawkish Bank of Canada has us keeping an eye on the housing market, while we think the European equity market is underpricing risk in the region.
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After four interest-rate hikes, what will the Fed do next?

The U.S. Federal Reserve has shifted toward a data-dependent approach to setting interest rates. While some market participants viewed the change in policy approach as a dovish pivot, our experts believe otherwise. Find out why.
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Two types of market downturns: big bears and baby bears

Not all bear markets are the same. We classify them into two groups: big bears and baby bears. Baby bears happen outside a recession; big bears occur in a recession. Bear markets aren’t fun, but they can present opportunities for patient investors.
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Explore all our Viewpoints about market volatility

  • Market Intelligence

    Our Capital Markets Strategy team provides an outlook on capital markets — identifying trends, opportunities, and risks. It gives meaning to metrics in key markets for Canadian investors, including Canadian equities, U.S. equities, international equities, and fixed income.

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  • Investments Unplugged

    An insightful and lively podcast hosted by our Capital Markets Strategy team, that gives you access to ideas and insight from a range of market experts from Manulife Investment Management.

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  • Investment Notes

    Commentary from our Capital Markets Strategy team that offers a regular analysis of key market events and examines the implications for investors.

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  • Advisor Focus Magazine

    Advisor Focus is a resource packed with industry insight, thought leadership, sales concepts and practice management articles. The key goal of this publication is to provide advisors with thought provoking insights to share with their clients to build stronger relationships.

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Behavioural economics insights 

Unlock insight into the principles of behavioural economics to enhance your ability to understand and counteract the negative aspects of human emotions in financial decision-making, especially in volatile markets.

“Investors tend to make suboptimal decisions during periods of market panic.”

David Lewis, President, BEworks Research Institute, explains what drives investor behaviour and why advice is the key to embedding your clients in your business.

  • Viewpoints on behavioural economics

    Insights from our experts to help you understand investor behavior so you can help achieve better client outcomes.

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  • Advisor toolkit

    Our behavioural economics toolkit explains investing behaviours and how you can use this knowledge to help your clients make better decisions.

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  • The roller coaster of investing behaviour webinar – Summary 

    The one-hour session covered a wide range of topics related to how investors make decisions during times of crisis and market volatility.

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  • Behavioural economics for financial advisors

    A multi-module course eligible for continuing education credits. Advisors — BE ready for your next client conversation! Contact your sales teams for more information, or take advantage of this unique learning opportunity now in the Manulife CE Centre through Advisor Portal.

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Strategies to use with clients

Share this content with your clients to help them make the right decisions during times of volatility

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