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Understanding volatility

Insights to help you understand the current market conditions.

Episode 86: Back to school—studying three investment themes

Many topics waltz across the minds of investors. They twirl through our thoughts and sometimes step on our toes. Two things have been leading us lately: the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and its role in the markets, and the recent surprise Bank of Canada interest rate hike. We won’t dance around the subjects—there are relevant inquiries that we need to address.
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Timing vs time in

Trying to time the markets—a nearly impossible task. No one can consistently predict market highs and lows. Watch this short video about why staying in the markets can be a better investment strategy than trying to get in or out at the right moments.
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Data, data, everywhere: Three-minute macro

Data is our word of the month. Despite some surprising signs of economic resilience in the United States, our leading indicators still have us convinced a recession is on the way. Meanwhile, we don’t think the strong unemployment rate is a perfectly accurate description of the current (and future) labor market. Finally, the S&P 500 Index is looking strong so far this year, but we dive into how much of that performance is due to the AI craze.
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More resources to help understand market volatility

  • Market Intelligence

    Our Capital Markets Strategy team provides an outlook on capital markets — identifying trends, opportunities, and risks. It gives meaning to metrics in key markets for Canadian investors, including Canadian equities, U.S. equities, international equities, and fixed income.

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  • Investments Unplugged

    An insightful and lively podcast hosted by our Capital Markets Strategy team, that gives you access to ideas and insight from a range of market experts from Manulife Investment Management.

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  • Investment Notes

    Commentary from our Capital Markets Strategy team that offers a regular analysis of key market events and examines the implications for investors.

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  • Advisor Focus Magazine

    Advisor Focus is a resource packed with industry insight, thought leadership, sales concepts and practice management articles. The key goal of this publication is to provide advisors with thought provoking insights to share with their clients to build stronger relationships.

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Behavioural economics insights 

Unlock insight into the principles of behavioural economics to enhance your ability to understand and counteract the negative aspects of human emotions in financial decision-making, especially in volatile markets.

  • Viewpoints on behavioural economics

    Insights from our experts to help you understand investor behavior so you can help achieve better client outcomes.

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  • Advisor toolkit

    Our behavioural economics toolkit explains investing behaviours and how you can use this knowledge to help your clients make better decisions.

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